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Fire-ports ready for engagement!
- Combat Chinook reporting for duty

The Combat Chinook is a variant of the regular USA Chinook developed by General Malcolm Granger.


Let's load up some soldiers!
- Combat Chinook

As well as being able to do all the things that a regular Chinook could - collect supplies, transport units, and perform combat drops - the Combat Chinook also has gunports (like the Humvee) that allow infantrymen transported inside to fire at enemies within range.

Construction of the Combat Chinook requires a USA War Factory to be present on the battlefield.


Have fun, boys!
- Combat Chinook dropping Rangers via Combat Drop
Gen1 Combat Drop Icons.png Combat Drop Drop Rangers in Combat Chinook into a civilian buildings to garrison it. Can be performed at enemy garrisoned buildings.


ZH Countermeasures Icons.png Countermeasures Improved the Combat Chinook's chances at escaping missile based anti-aircraft fire. Purchasable at any American Airfield in Zero Hour for $1000
ZH Supply Lines Icons.png Supply Lines Improved the productivity of Combat Chinooks by 10%. Purchasable at any Strategy Center in Zero Hour for $800

Game unit


We have contact!
- Combat Chinook in combat

Fast, agile and equipped with a point defense laser, a Combat Chinook loaded with Missile Defender and Pathfinder was a serious threat to almost every type of unit. Perfect for using rushing and guerrilla tactics, with four or more, it was also able to raze whole bases within less than a minute. Its concentration of fire by one vehicle was unrivaled. Due the the Pathfinders taking out any infantry with extreme ease, only one is needed within each Chinook, while the seven other MDs were able to take out any vehicle or building extremely swiftly. Not only having a large amount of armour, but as the combat Chinook has the PDL, it can effectively defend against many rocket armed enemies. With enough PDLs, coupled with the Pathfinders, a large group of Chinooks can take down nearly a dozen Patriots or Stinger Sites or rocket/missile infantry.

Its fire ports are so advanced that infantry inside Humvees it carries can fire through the port (though the humvee itself can't), making the max capacity to be 12 (2 full humvee + 2 infantry)


We're not gonna make it!
- Combat Chinook going down

The Chinooks, are however completely vulnerable to non-missile based units, with enough fire concentration. Particularly effective were the GLA Quad cannon and Chinese Gatling Tanks or Gatling Cannon in large numbers, and EMP weapons were a serious threat as a single nearby detonation was enough to take the Chinook down. Anti-air units, especially Avengers, can easily take out Combat Chinooks when in groups. Arming them up with sufficient infantry firepower was also expensive and required great micromanagement, as care had to be taken care of should they come across any anti-air opposition. Aircraft such as Raptors and MiGs could also serve as a deterrent to them, though with lesser effectiveness due to the presence of PDLs.

Selected Quotes

Fireports ready for engagement!
- When emerging from the Supply Center
Combat Chinook.
- When selected
Let's load up some soldiers!
- When selected
Take 'em out, boys!
- When ordered to attack
Protect the supplies!
- When ordered to attack
We have contact!
- When ordered to attack
Show 'em your stuff!
- When ordered to attack
We're going in!
- When ordered to attack


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