Command & Conquer Armored Attack

Command & Conquer: Armored Attack (also called Command & Conquer: Armored Assault) was a web-based spin-off game from that was set in the Generals Universe.  

It was released alongside Command & Conquer: Generals in 2003 and was retired on November 30th, 2010. 


Visually the game looks very similar to another C&C game by called Command & Conquer: Attack Copter. However, Armored Attack was much more difficult than Attack Copter.  


The campaign of C&C: Armored Attack consist of 10 different missions. 

Main Menu Briefing:

"The world faces a grave threat from the terrorists of the Global Liberation Army (GLA).

We will respond with the most powerful hardware in our arsenal. 

You will control one of the fastest and most lethal tanks in the world: The Paladin."

Mission 1: Rebel Fortress 

Objective: Destroy All 4 GLA Barracks.

"You are a recent graduate of the armored division of the US Forces, recruited to combat the growing threat of the GLA, a rogue organization bent on world domination. Your first assignment is in an unstable area of Europe. A patrol has located a rebel base on the outskirts of a vulnerable city. Destroy the 4 enemy barracks. If successful you will decimate their infantry forces.

Intermittent Air Drops will aid you in combat."

Mission 2: Chinook Down

Objective: Protect the fallen Chinook for 5 minutes.

A US Special Agent has been ambushed en-route to your base. His Chinook- (WIP)

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