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The world faces a grave threat from the terrorists of the Global Liberation Army (GLA). We will respond with the most powerful hardware in our arsenal. You will pilot the state of the art RAH-66 Comanche helicopter.
- Main menu briefing

Command & Conquer: Attack Copter is an online arcade game hosted on It was released as a spin-off for Command & Conquer: Generals in 2003, and was later removed on November 30, 2010.

In the game, players control a Comanche and take on various missions in the War against the GLA. A similar game titled Armored Attack is another exclusive that features players taking control of a Paladin tank.


The campaign of Command & Conquer: Attack Copter consists of 11 different missions and a tutorial.

  1. Wild Goose: Destroy 5 GLA Bio-Labs.
  2. Greased Lightning: Escort train safely across GLA Territory.
  3. Hornet's Nest: Destroy 85% of the GLA base.
  4. Guardian Angel
  5. POW! BANG!
  6. Fort Comanche
  7. Rolling Thunder
  8. SCUD Buster
  9. Wiley Warthog
  10. Assault & Pepper
  11. Trinity: The GLA nuke is pinned down in a remote GLA camp. Soften the camp's defenses and destroy all the stinger and SAM sites in preparation of a special B-52 delivery.



Gameplay footage
Showcase by TaxOwlbear

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