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Command & Conquer: Continuum was to be Westwood Studios second MMORPG, developed on the "Westwood 3D" engine, set in the Tiberium Universe. It was canceled in favour of reinforcing development on Earth & Beyond.[1]


As said by Adam Isgreen and Rade Stojsavljević, it was supposed to be a non-stand-and-swing MMORPG, featuring:

  • Instanced "crisis zones" in it, hubbed flight routes, scripted boss battles, and a lot of other ideas that have shown up in all the MMORPG since.
  • Fluid and movement-oriented combat, unlike most MMORPGs. Range was important for weapons use, and there were layers of counters for the weapon types.
  • Creatures that had many console-game-boss sensibilities, in that you could expose weaknesses on them and then hit those for extra damage.


Continuum was set after Firestorm. With the Tacitus in their hands, GDI was finally able to create technology that could actually remove Tiberium. Atmosphere processors were erected around the world, purifying the environment, creating zones that could be classified as red, yellow or blue.[2]

The game featured GDI, Nod, Mutants and CABAL, with Scrin to be added later. Locations such as sunken Los Angeles, Area 51, Dino island, Newark airport, Liberty Base in New York City.[3] A moving and evolving Tiberian world, where the players could play a great role in the entire story.




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