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This is the complete list of all tracks from Command & Conquer: Generals and its expansion Zero Hour. They were composed by Bill Brown and Mikael Sandgren.

Track List[]

  1. Generals Main Theme (USA_06)
  2. Search And Destroy (USA_03)
  3. Fight For Peace (USA_01)
  4. In The Field (USA_08)
  5. Makin' A Sweep (USA_05)
  6. Mother Of All Weapons (CHI_06)
  7. Firestorm (CHI_07)
  8. Overlord Moving (CHI_08)
  9. Runaway Train (CHI_05)
  10. The Dragon Awakes (CHI_01)
  11. Red Army Rising (CHI_02)
  12. The Middle Kingdom (CHI_03)
  13. Dawn Of Courage (GLA_01)
  14. Uprising (GLA_09)
  15. The Sacrifice (GLA_04)
  16. One Path To Freedom (GLA_02)
  17. Glory (GLA_06)
  18. Our Day Has Come (GLA_08)
  19. Tides Of Wrath (GLA_07)
  20. Commanche Down (USA_07)
  21. Rescue Ops (USA_09)

Unlisted Tracks[]

  1. China Assault
  2. March of The Volunteers
  3. Generals Demo (by Frank Klepacki)
  4. CHI_04
  5. CHI_09
  6. China Fail
  7. China Victory
  8. GLA_03
  9. GLA_05
  10. GLA Fail
  11. GLA Victory
  12. USA_02
  13. USA_04
  14. USA Fail
  15. USA Victory
  16. End Credits

Zero Hour Tracks[]

  1. Zero Hour Main Theme (USA_11)
  2. Helix Armada (CHI_10)
  3. Resistance (GLA_10)
  4. GLA Anthem (GLA_11)
  5. Raid In Progress (USA_10)
  6. The Final Hour (CHI_11)


  • The Generals Main Theme was used for the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer.
  • Some tracks are used in several episodes of "Lock 'n' Load with R. Lee Ermey," with the episode "Bunker Busters" using the most, and the track "Search and Destroy" used the most often.

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