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Command & Conquer: Gold Bundle is a compilation that includes Command & Conquer: Special Gold Edition and its expansion pack, The Covert Operations.

Its cover art is only differentiable from the one used for the regular Special Gold Edition re-release of the original Command & Conquer (also from 1997) by the note on the front of the box that it includes The Covert Operations. It is often referred to and catalogued by the same name of the Special Gold Edition, leading to confusion.


Product description

Welcome to the world of Command & Conquer, arguably the future of war games.
- PC Power

Command & Conquer is the first installment in one of the best-selling game franchises of all time. Choose to play the noble forces of the GDI, or join with the merciless Brotherhood of Nod. With over 50 missions and dozens of hours of gameplay, this bundle has it all.

  • Over 25 land and air units and 30 structures to choose from.
  • Over 50 missions for dozens of hours of non-repeated gameplay.
  • 3 CD's packed with over 60-minutes of intense full-motion video and 3D rendered excitement.
  • Choose from two sides to play: GDI or the Brotherhood of Nod.
  • Play free on the definitive Internet battleground - Westwood Online*

*Requires existing Internet access

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