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No tricks, Mr. President. In a few moments, I will unleash a tidal wave of psychic energy. Designed to dominate the minds of the entire planet. There will be no more free will, only my will.
- Yuri, Yuri's Revenge intro

Yuri's Revenge is the expansion pack to Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2. The plot revolves around Yuri, the shadowy Soviet advisor in the original game, and his plans for world domination. The game requires an existing installation of Red Alert 2 to play.


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Yuri, the powerful Soviet psychic and advisor, disappeared after the Allied victory over the Soviet Union in Red Alert 2.

One day, US President Michael Dugan was called to an emergency meeting at the White House regarding Yuri's activities. Yuri disrupts the briefing, revealing to the stunned president that he had built a network of Psychic Dominators, which he intended to use to mind-control the entire planet.

As Yuri activates one of the Psychic Dominator devices on Alcatraz Island, President Dugan orders an airstrike. All the attacking aircraft were shot down, but one crashed on to the nuclear reactor that provided energy to the device, thus powering it down.

Yuri activates the other two Psychic Dominators anyway, turning much of world's population into mind-controlled slaves. As his troops entered San Francisco to capture power plants in order to bring the Alcatraz Psychic Dominator online, Professor Einstein hatched a plan to travel back in time to the events of Great World War III in order to stop Yuri and prevent the Psychic Dominator Disaster.

Allied Campaign

The Allies used Einstein's Time Machine to travel back in time and destroy the Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz while it was still under construction.

Afterwards, the Allied taskforce commanded by the Commander must deal with Yuri's many secret military bases around the world, including those in the United States, Egypt and Australia.

Having failed to clone world leaders after his cloning vats in Sydney were destroyed, Yuri attempted to mind control world leaders at the Allied-Soviet peace conference in London.

This was thwarted by the Commander, who was then sent to destroy Yuri's last remaining base in Antarctica. Yuri was defeated and placed in isolation, where he won't be able to mind control a fly.

The original and the altered timelines merged, with the altered timeline taking precedent over the original; General Carville is alive, and Yuri's attack never took place.

Soviet Campaign

RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Yuri's Revenge and some details might contradict canon.

In the Soviet campaign, the Commander is informed by Lt. Zofia and Premier Romanov (imprisoned in the Tower of London) of Yuri's activities and the Allied Time machine. He was then sent with a small force to San Francisco to capture the Allied time machine. The Soviets hijacked the time machine and used it to travel in time.

However, the Soviets unwittingly gave the time machine too much energy, and they arrived back in the age of the dinosaurs. The Soviets defended the time machine against T-Rexes while Zofia and the others attempted to fix the mistake. The Soviets finally arrived to the correct time, during the occupation of San Francisco, at the very brink of Great World War III. Taking over an existing Soviet base, they destroyed the Psychic Dominator while still under construction.

The Soviet forces from the future made it to Moscow, where they informed the past Premier Romanov of the Soviet defeat that was to take place, mentioning also Yuri's betrayal. The Commander is sent to the Black Forest in Germany (Red Alert) to destroy Einstein's Laboratory and the Chronosphere to cripple the Allied war effort. This is essentially the same mission as Operation Mirage in Red Alert 2, but from the perspective of the Soviets (hence the name Operation Deja Vu). This time, the Soviets defeated the Allies. Shortly after, the Allies surrendered completely. They now fight with the Soviet Union against the traitor Yuri.

The Commander was sent to London to destroy Yuri's Psychic Dominator there, liberating a mind-controlled Allied base in the process. His triumph wasn't long, as Premier Romanov's plane was shot down above Morocco. Finding Romanov was the easy part (he was found partying with the locals), however Yuri's forces have entrenched themselves around the airport. The Commander destroyed Yuri's forces and evacuated the Premier from the airport.

After this victory, the he was sent to an uncharted island in the South Pacific which served as Yuri's submarine base. During the destruction of Yuri's headquarters there, it was revealed that Yuri has a launch facility on the island. The rocket was programmed to fly to the Moon. The Soviets used the rocket to send troops to the Moon in order to destroy Yuri's secret base there.

Facing certain defeat, Yuri took refuge in his ancestral castle in Transylvania. Two bases, one Allied and one Soviet, were already built there, but were mind-controlled by psychic beacons. The Commander easily destroyed them, liberated the two bases and razed the castle.

Yuri was revealed to be alive. He wasn't in the castle at the time, but has instead captured the time machine, telling the Commander: The whole world and all of its history is mine to command and conquer!

Lt. Zofia, recalling the experience of being stuck in the Cretaceous Period, quickly redirects the time machine there and deplete its power reserve. Yuri is stranded in time and is presumably eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Soviet Union imposed communism over the entire world and began to build on its space program, ready to expand their glorious cause into the rest of the solar system.


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Yuri's Revenge was already announced in a way in the Soviet Victory video of the original Red Alert 2, with Yuri's final line: It would have been good to see inside your mind, Comrade. I still may get a chance.... Surprisingly, nothing in the Allied campaign implied of a coming expansion pack.

Originally, Yuri's Revenge was due to release in September, but the 9/11 attacks halted the process. The reason - the cover art featured annihilated civilian buildings, like in the original Red Alert 2. EA first decided not to ship the game at all, but later Westwood only changed the package. Some later releases of the base game (like the Australian Replay budget release) were also censored.


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  • Chairman Bing (played by Rick Ginn)


  • Lieutenant Zofia (played by Aleksandra Kaniak)

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