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The following article serves as a partial transcript of the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge manual. All material written in this article is of copyright ©2001 by Electronic Arts, Inc. The author of this article claims no right of the material written.

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Welcome Back Commander[]

Once again, the battle between the Allied forces and the Soviet army has been joined, but this time there is a dangerous third element. The Soviet traitor Yuri has returned, bringing with him an army of genetically and psychically altered warriors bent on world domination.

In the single-player game, you'll command either Allied or Soviet forces and thwart Yuri's insidious plans. In multiplayer and skirmish games, you can select the Allied or Soviet army or opt to command Yuri's army and wield all of its forbidden technologies.

Both the Allied and Soviet forces have several powerful new weapons in their arsenals. Yuri's army is radically different from his more conventional foes and uses banned technologies to control minds, create mutants, enslave workers, administer biological weapons and inflict other exotic punishments on his enemies.

Situation Report[]

Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 2 Yuri's Revenge™ picks up immediately after the end of the Allied campaign in Command & Conquer Red Alert 2. The Allied army has defeated the Soviets, capturing the Russian Premier Romanov and imprisoning him in the Tower of London. Unfortunately for the Allies, the Soviet agent Yuri has escaped. Yuri's ability to control enemy units with his mind makes him a powerful and dangerous adversary.

While the Allies celebrate their victory, Yuri reveals himself. He has created his own army of mind-altered warriors and genetic mutations. He has spent his time creating a number of new technologies, the most insidious of which is the Psychic Dominator, a device that allows Yuri complete control of its victims. Yuri has planted many Psychic Dominators around the globe, threatening to control the minds of the world's population when they are activated.

The Allies immediately launch an attack on Yuri's facility located on Alcatraz Island. While the attack fails to destroy the Psychic Dominator, it is successful in knocking down Yuri's power enough so that the device does not activate. Now the only hope the Allies have is to gain enough of their own power to activate a time machine created by Professor Einstein. With this, they can send a force back in time to take out Yuri's device long before it is activated. Unfortunately, the Soviets have their own plan to steal the time machine and not only stop Yuri but also reverse the outcome of the last war!

Tactical Update: New Units and Structures[]

New Tech Buildings[]

Three new Tech buildings have been added to Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 2 Yuri's Revenge™. Each has its own unique ability and each is well worth capturing. Additionally, each side now has a powerful defensive system that goes online as soon as a Battle Lab is built and placed.

Civilian Power Plant[]

Civilian Power Plants are similar to the Power Plants created by each of the three armies. Capturing one with an Engineer significantly increases your current power supply.

Machine Shop[]

When captured by an Engineer, this structure automatically begins repairing all of your damaged vehicles, regardless of their location on the map.

Secret Tech Lab[]

If you capture this Tech building with an Engineer, you will be given the ability to create a special unit that you are not normally able to build. You may gain the opportunity to build Allied, Soviet or even Yuri units, regardless of the army you are leading.

Force Shield[]

Each army now possesses an additional defensive system called the Force Shield. This device begins charging up as soon as you place your Battle Lab. Once charged, the Force Shield can be used on any friendly structure or group of structures, including those of an ally. When used, the Force Shield makes the selected structures completely invulnerable to all damage, even from super weapon attacks. However, the strain of using this device is difficult for your power structure to handle. When you invoke the Force Shield, your base will be without power for a short duration.


Allied Spies are stealth units used by the Allies to gain advantage over their enemies. Spies can enter enemy buildings much like Engineers. Unlike Engineers, Spies do not capture buildings. Instead, their function depends on the building they enter.

If a Spy enters…
Enemy Barracks, you gain veteran infantry
Enemy War Factory, you gain veteran vehicles
Enemy Power structure, enemy power is temporarily shut down
Enemy Radar, you reset the shroud
Enemy Refinery, you steal half of the target's money
Enemy Super Weapon, you reset the weapon's timer
Enemy Allied Battle Lab, you gain the ability to produce Chrono Commandos
Enemy Soviet Battle Lab, you gain the ability to produce Chrono Ivans
Enemy Yuri Battle Lab, you gain the ability to produce Psychic Commandos

New Allied Units and Structures[]

The Allies have gained several new, unique units that increase their ability to fend off both Soviet forces and Yuri's diabolical minions. They also gain a building designed specifically to fight Yuri's mind-control ability.

Guardian GI[]

Like a normal GI, the Guardian GI fires a powerful machine gun from a standing position. When deployed, the Guardian GI can not be crushed and switches to a powerful anti-tank weapon that is effective against vehicles and aircraft. Guardian GIs cannot be used to garrison structures.

Navy SEAL[]

Equipped with a high-powered machine gun, SEALs are excellent against enemy infantry and can defend themselves against vehicles as well. Like Tanya, SEALs use C4 charges to detonate enemy structures.

Robot Tank[]

The main strength of the Robot Tank is that it cannot be mind controlled because there is no human driver onboard this assault vehicle. Robot Tanks hover, allowing them to cross water. The ability to create Robot Tanks is granted with the construction of a Robot Control Center. These cease to function if they have low/no power.

Battle Fortress[]

This massive construction grinds over the battlefield, crushing infantry, vehicles (even tanks) and walls with equal ease. Up to five infantry units can be placed inside the Battle Fortress. These infantry units can shoot out of the many ports, adding to the carnage.

Robot Control Center[]

As mentioned above, the Robot Control Center allows the Allies to build Robot Tanks. This building can be built after the production and placement of an Allied War Factory. This building ceases to function if it has low/no power.

New Soviet Units and Structures[]

Because Yuri defected from the Soviet Union, taking all of his mind control units with him, the Soviet engineers have developed several new infantry units and vehicles to more than compensate for the loss. Additionally, Yuri took the technology for the Psychic Radar and the Cloning Vats, leaving holes in the Soviet arsenal. New structures have been developed to shore up these sudden gaps in the Soviet defence.


Boris is highly effective against infantry, thanks to his rapid rate of fire. Rather than using C4 charges to eliminate structures, Boris is able to call in an airstrike of MiG fighters to bombard any structure he targets with his laser designator.

Siege Chopper[]

With the creation of the Siege Chopper, the Soviets now have quick strike capabilities from the air. When flying, this vehicle is mobile and effective against enemy infantry units. When deployed, the Siege Chopper lands and reveals a massive weapon capable of quickly destroying buildings and stationary targets from long range.

Spy Plane[]

When the Soviets place a Radar, they immediately begin development of their new Spy Plane. When fully charged, the Spy Plane can be deployed anywhere on the map. As it passes over the targeted terrain below, it reveals the shroud, allowing the Soviets to see new areas of the map.

Battle Bunker[]

This new defensive structure has no actual defences of its own, but it can be fortified by Conscripts to provide formidable firepower. When Conscripts are placed inside a Battle Bunker, it operates exactly like a garrisoned building. Because it is a Soviet structure, the Battle Bunker can be repaired when damaged.

Industrial Plant[]

When built and placed, this structure significantly reduces the cost of all vehicles. Additionally, the Industrial Plant reduces the build time of these units accordingly.

Yuri's Army[]

In the single-player game, you will generally be facing off against Yuri's forces. In multiplayer games, Yuri's side is available for anyone to play. Yuri took some Soviet units and structures with him when he defected. He has augmented many of these, adding additional functions and power, and added many new structures, infantry types and vehicles to his arsenal. This gives Yuri a diverse, powerful and unique force.

Yuri's Units[]

Yuri's units are a combination of power, finesse and deviousness. With psychic and genetic technologies, the Yuri player can quickly acquire enemy technologies and even coerce civilians and wild animals to serve his purposes.


The base infantry unit of Yuri's army, Initiates use the power of their minds to do damage. Like GIs and Conscripts, Initiates can garrison civilian buildings.


Yuri's Engineers are identical to those of the Allied and Soviet armies.


Yuri's anti-tank infantry unit is the Brute, a genetically engineered monstrosity designed to crush everything that blocks its path. Dogs will avoid Brutes and will not attack them.


This deadly infantry unit is equipped with a long-range rifle, capable of slaughtering any infantry unit with a single strike. Worse, the victim is killed not with a bullet but with a powerful toxin that leaves a dangerous residue that damages other infantry units unfortunate enough to walk through the poisonous cloud left by a Virus's victim.

Yuri Clone[]

Defenceless in the traditional sense, this unit is equipped with a powerfully altered brain that allows it to take control of almost any enemy unit. While Miners, Attack Dogs, Master Minds,Yuri Clones, hero units and any flying unit are immune to the power of the Yuri Clone, all others are susceptible to being taken over by this unit and added to Yuri's war effort. When confronted by masses of infantry units, a Yuri Clone can deploy and create a massive Psi Wave, damaging or killing nearby infantry. This unit is identical to the Yuri Clone possessed by the Soviet Army in Command & Conquer Red Alert 2.

Yuri Prime[]

Yuri's answer to Tanya and Boris is Yuri himself. Seated on a massive flying chariot, Yuri Prime is a much more capable and deadly version of the Yuri Clone. Like the other heroes, Yuri Prime cannot be crushed by vehicles, regenerates automatically and is immune to mind control. Like his clones, Yuri Prime can control most vehicles and enemy infantry units, as well as most enemy structures, even turning enemy defences to his nefarious will. Additionally, Yuri is equipped with an improved Psi Wave attack that instantly kills infantry in its area of effect and even damages units outside of the immediate blast radius. Yuri Prime is in greater control of this effect than his clones are; when he uses his Psi Wave attack, he does not damage allies.

Lasher Tank[]

The Lasher Tank is Yuri's base tank unit, comparable to the Allied Grizzly and the Soviet Rhino. Like its counterparts, it is designed to attack and defend against enemy armour.

Chaos Drone[]

When deployed, this small vehicle releases clouds of hallucinatory toxins that drive enemies berserk. Berserk units' attack power is greatly magnified and they will automatically target friendly units before they attack enemies.

Gattling Tank[]

As the Allies have Prism technology and the Soviets use Tesla items, Yuri's engineers have developed Gattling weapons. The Gattling Tank is equipped with twin 50-caliber machine guns that spin rapidly, spitting out hordes of deadly shells that rip through both infantry and aerial units in just a few moments. A unique feature of these weapons is that the longer they fire, the faster the barrels spin and the more damage the weapons cause. Because of this, Gattling Tanks are most useful in prolonged firefights.


Yuri's MCV is identical to that possessed by both the Allies and Soviets, except that when deployed, it creates Yuri's Construction Yard.


When deployed against vehicles, this unique weapon unleashes a powerful magnetic force that levitates the enemy vehicle, pulling it toward Yuri's forces where it can be mind controlled with impunity. Additionally, the Magnetron can deal significant damage to structures by firing an intense magnetic beam at buildings. The main drawback of the Magnetron is that it is virtually defenceless against enemy infantry, having no effective weapon against them and no way to drag them closer.

Master Mind[]

Another extension of Yuri's mind control technology, the Master Mind vehicle is capable of safely mind controlling a large group of enemy units at a time. However, this unit can't stop itself from mind controlling additional enemy units. Exceeding its unit limit causes the device to break down and self-destruct, releasing all of its formerly captured units.

Floating Disc[]

The Floating Disc is a capable unit, able to throw any enemy base into serious disarray. Its small laser is effective against infantry units, including Allied Rocketeers, and can also cause damage to both vehicles and structures. More significantly, if placed over an enemy Power Plant, the Floating Disc immediately powers down the entire base. Floating Discs can also be stationed over enemy Refineries, drawing credits away to feed Yuri's war effort. A Floating Disc placed over any defensive structure that requires power effectively shuts off that structure.

Amphibious Transport[]

Yuri's Amphibious Transports are identical to those possessed by both the Soviet and Allied armies.

Boomer Submarine[]

Like Soviet Typhoon Subs, the Boomer is a stealth unit, capable of closing in on an enemy position without being spotted. Against other naval foes, the Boomer is capable of launching deadly torpedoes. However, it is their ballistic missiles, which are used against land targets, that make the Boomer such a deadly foe.

Yuri's Structures[]

While Yuri's army depends on some of the same structures as those used by the Allies and Soviets, it contains several unique structures that give Yuri the ability to defend his base adequately and destroy his opposition.

Construction Yard[]

Yuri's Construction Yard is identical to that of the Allies and Soviets, except that it builds Yuri's other structures.

Bio Reactor[]

The Bio Reactor is Yuri's main power source. In times of energy shortage infantry units can be placed inside a Bio Reactor. Each one will significantly increase the size of the power output. The infantry can be deployed from the Bio Reactor at any time, and are released if the Bio Reactor is destroyed.

Slave Miner[]

Rather than using a standard miner, Yuri's forces depend on the Slave Miner for their economy. The entire structure moves next to a mining site and deploys, releasing Slaves to gather ore for processing. When mobile, damaged Slave Miners auto-repair, and when deployed, the structure can be repaired by sending an Engineer into it. Any Slaves killed by enemy action are automatically replaced by the Slave Miner.


Yuri's Barracks is identical to that of the Allies and Soviets, except that it allows the production of Yuri's infantry units.

War Factory[]

Yuri's War Factory is identical to that of the Allies and Soviets, except that it allows the production of Yuri's vehicles.

Submarine Pen[]

Yuri's Submarine Pen is identical to the Allied and Soviet Naval Yards except that it allows the production of Yuri's Hover Transports and Boomer Submarines.

Psychic Radar[]

Yuri's Psychic Radar has all of the powers of the Psychic Sensor formerly used by the Soviet Army. When placed, it indicates the target of enemy attacks within its area of effect. Yuri's engineers have souped-up the device significantly, allowing it to operate as Yuri's radar as well. When placed, the Psychic Radar immediately begins developing the Psychic Reveal technology.

Psychic Reveal[]

Not truly a structure or a unit, this ability is created with the placing of a Psychic Radar. When fully charged, the Psychic Reveal allows Yuri to uncover a sizeable radius of the shroud, much like the Soviet Spy Plane.


Thanks to his Psychic technology, Yuri often finds himself with a number of captured units he'd rather recycle than use. The Grinder was designed with this idea in mind. When placed, the Grinder allows for the recycling of any vehicle or infantry unit currently under Yuri's control. Any unit sent into the Grinder is destroyed instantly, refunding all or part of the production cost of the unit.

Battle Lab[]

Yuri's Battle Lab allows for the production of advanced units and structures, much like the Battle Lab of the Allies and Soviets.

Citadel Walls[]

Yuri's Citadel Walls are similar to the Walls used by the Soviet and Allied armies. They are designed to protect vulnerable and fragile structures.

Tank Bunker[]

When placed, this structure has no method of defence on its own. However, any turreted vehicle except a Magnetron can be garrisoned inside the Tank Bunker, giving it both added defences and additional firepower.

Gattling Cannon[]

This defensive structure operates on the same principles as the Gattling Tank with sustained fire causing additional damage and mayhem. This weapon is always effective at ripping through infantry, regardless of the speed at which the cannons are spinning.

Psychic Tower[]

The Psychic Tower automatically mind controls the first several units that come within range of it, turning them against their former friends. These units are fully controllable and can be sent into battle or to the Grinder. Once it controls its maximum number of units, the Psychic Tower is otherwise defenceless against assaults.

Cloning Vats[]

Each time a new infantry unit is created at a Barracks, a duplicate is produced for free at the Cloning Vats.

Genetic Mutator[]

The first of Yuri's super weapons is the Genetic Mutator. When fully charged and deployed, this device turns all enemy units in its area of effect into Brutes. Both friendly and enemy units are affected by the Genetic Mutator, and all created Brutes fall under the control of Yuri. Attack Dogs and any beasts (including Dolphins and Giant Squids) are not changed into Brutes by the Genetic Mutator – they are simply killed.

Psychic Dominator[]

When fully charged and deployed, this weapon causes a massive burst of psychic energy that turns all units in the area of effect into units under Yuri's control. These new additions to Yuri's army can then be turned on their former friends or sent back to Yuri's base for a trip to the Grinder or Bio Reactor. Units normally immune to mind control, and garrisoned units, are immune to the effects of the Psychic Dominator. Once a unit is captured by the Psychic Dominator, it can never be mind controlled again. The Dominator's psychic bursts also damage nearby structures.

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