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The following is a list of all full motion video cutscenes in Red Alert 3 and Uprising.




Soviet Campaign

The Shrike and the Thorn
Circus of Treachery
Taking Back Ice-Harbor
March of the Red Army
The Science of War
No Traitors Tomorrow
To Tame a Living God
The Stone-Faced Witnesses
Blight on the Big Apple

Allied Campaign

Ride of the Red Menace
The Shark and the Lure
The Famous Liberation
Enemy of Our Enemy
The Unfathomable Fortress
A Monument to Madness
Forever Sets the Sun
The Great Bear Trap
The Moon Shall Never Have Them

Imperial Campaign

The Death of Father Frost
To Conquer Shattered Spirits
Behold the Mighty Saint of Swords
Graveyard of a Foolish Fleet
Assault on the Black Tortoise
Rage of the Black Tortoise
Barbarians at the Bay
Crumble Kremlin Crumble
The Last Red Blossom Trembled

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