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The following is a transcript of a game manual. The manual(s) can be directly accessed here:
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The following article serves as a partial transcript† of the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 manual. All material written in this article is of copyright ©2008 by Electronic Arts, Inc. The author of this article claims no right of the material written.

† The following sections were removed to preserve only or mostly the lore-related information:

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Out of Time[]

The mighty Soviet juggernaut has fallen. As Allied forces roll on the Kremlin, General Krukov and Colonel Cherdenko desperately turn to an untested secret weapon: the Soviet Time Machine.

In one ruthless moment, they rewrite history to put the Allies on the brink of defeat, under Premier Cherdenko's leadership. But the costly suppression of Western powers has allowed the Empire of the Rising Sun to expand unchecked, and the divine Emperor Yoshiro has chosen this moment to attack.

As his imperial armies threaten to wipe both Allied and Soviet forces off the map, Krukov and Cherdenko begin to question the wisdom of their actions...



A coalition of Western countries, bound together in defense of the free people of the world, the Allies have spent years fighting Soviet aggression, often prevailing through sheer determination.

RA3 Manual Bingham GENERAL JOHN BINGHAM[sic]
Played by Jonathan Pryce
The Supreme Commander of Allied forces in Europe, Bingham is a stiff upper-lipped Englishman. He'd rather be tending his dogs and rose garden, if his entire way of life wasn't under dire threat. Rational and dryly witty to the end.
Played by J.K. Simmons
An Iowa farmboy who rose to political power on a hard-charging—and vitriolic—anti-communist platform. Ackerman believes in America, Mom, and apple pie (in that order), and steamrolls any dissent to his far-right agenda.
RA3 Manual Tanya TANYA
Played by Jenny McCarthy
One of the Allies' finest commandos, Tanya is sassy, brassy, and thoroughly deadly. If it looks like a suicide mission, the Allies send her. Tanya's presence virtually assures success ... with maximum collateral damage.
RA3 Manual Eva EVA
Played by Gemma Atkinson
The Allies' lovely but buttoned-down intelligence officer. Eva is Bingham's lifeline, communicating vital information to and from his commanders.


A totalitarian regime whose scheming leaders constantly push a self-righteous agenda focused on achieving a global communistic state, primarily by fielding overwhelming armies of conscripts and poorly-trained grunts.

Played by Tim Curry
A dashing and ambitious soldier, and a true believer in the Soviet agenda. Once a Colonel serving under General Krukov, altering the timelines accidentally transformed him into the Soviet Premier ... a role he's quite willing to accept.
Played by Andrew Divoff
Temperamental and ruthless, Krukov capped a brilliant military carrier when he saved the USSR by erasing Einstein from history. Returning to find his subordinate Cherdenko crowned Premier was an unexpected—and unwelcome—side effect.
RA3 Manual Zelinsky DR. ZELINSKY
Played by Peter Stormare
The brilliant, though politically naïve Soviet scientist who developed time travel technology. Altering the past has come with severe personal and emotional costs to Zelinsky, putting his loyalties in doubt.
RA3 Manual Natasha NATASHA
Played by Gina Carano
The Soviet Union's top agent of destruction. Natasha takes great pride in her ability to kill anything crossing her path, and always approaches that task with ruthless efficiency.
RA3 Manual Dasha DASHA
Played by Ivana Milicevic
Beautiful and cold, Dasha is the communications and intelligence hub for all Soviet field operations.

Empire of the Rising Sun[]

An ancient land of strict tradition and futuristic technologies, their beloved Emperor Yoshiro has decided it is now time to teach the world a few lessons in civility ... through superior firepower.

Played by George Takei
His Imperial Majesty is the latest in a long line of divine rulers, believed to have descended from the Gods themselves. Calm and wise, Yoshiro is merely following his destiny to civilize the world through the code of Bushido.
Played by Ron Yuan
Yoshiro's Western-educated son is far more impatient and scientific than his father. Tatsu's brilliant mind led to a modernized Japanese military unmatched by any in the world.
RA3 Manual Suki SUKI
Played by Kelly Hu
A light and playful girl, it is Suki's honor to communicate mission information on behalf of the Empire.


Nobody goes into combat alone. You’ll have access to a Co-Commander throughout the campaign who can bring additional forces to bear on your behalf, played either by a friend or by an A.I. character.


RA3 Manual Warren WARREN
Played by Randy Couture
A soldier's soldier, Warren's commitment to the cause of freedom is total, and inspiring. He's instantly willing to put himself in harm's way for his men and allies. Whatever happens, Warren will always have your back.
RA3 Manual Lisette LISSETTE
Played by Autumn Reeser
Fun, flirtatious, and sly as a fox, Lissette is a former French spy with a gift for seeing right through enemy tactics. She takes the unorthodox approach every time, but the enemy ends up just as dead ... every time.
RA3 Manual Giles GILES
Played by Greg Ellis
Ex-fighter jock Giles might initially come off as an over-eager fop playing solider, but he didn't get this far by being stupid. Perceptive and meticulous to a fault, Giles is quick to notice trouble, and quick to deal with it.


RA3 Manual Oleg OLEG
Played by Dimitri Diatchenko
A tank-driving caveman and your partner in crime since Academy, Oleg is overly casual for a man of command rank, but his amusing demeanor and dependability in battle more than make up for it.
RA3 Manual Moskvin MOSKVIN
Played by Gene Farber
Unpredictable and highly unstable, Moskvin's sadistic streak can be fun to watch ... from a distance. His swings from cool to hysterical rage happen without warning, but his tactics always remain aggressive.
RA3 Manual Zhana ZHANA
Played by Vanessa Branch
Smart and sophisticated, Zhana focuses on any objective she's given, and then achieves it. She has something to prove to the world—and to you—and believes the Soviet cause is absolutely the right one to prove it for.

Empire of the Rising Sun[]

RA3 Manual Shinzo SHINZO
Played by Bruce A. Locke
An ancient and calculating warrior, "the Emperor's Shadow" may begin to see you as his protégé if you are supremely lucky. If not, his withering stare is enough to kill you. His ambitions are great. His tactics, flawless.
RA3 Manual Kenji KENJI
Played by Jack J. Yang
Suave, smug, and arrogant, Kenji is at his best in combat, and his mastery of Imperial technologies cannot be equaled. Gain his respect, and he'll be your friend for life.
RA3 Manual Naomi NAOMI
Played by Lydia Look
Notoriously ruthless and uncontrollably violent, Naomi was born on a battleship and has the gunmetal gray soul to match. There is no mercy, no peace, in her. If she opens up to you, you'll be the first. Ever.


You'll have a wide array of forces at your command, each with their own unique function and special abilities. The key to victory is knowing when, where, and—most importantly—how to deploy them.


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