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This is the complete list of all music tracks from Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Counterstrike, The Aftermath and Retaliation.


Red Alert's original score was composed by Frank Klepacki and was voted the best video game soundtrack of 1996 by PC Gamer and Gameslice magazines.[1] Among his most famous songs from the series is the theme of Red Alert, titled "Hell March", which accents the style of the game with adrenalized riffs of electric guitar, the sounds of marching feet, and synthesizers to a quote that was commonly misinterpreted as German, but was eventually identified as a Canadian drill command saying "Reform line, quick march".[2][3] Originally intended to be the theme for the Brotherhood of Nod faction in the Covert Operations expansion to the original 1995 Command & Conquer game,[4] the track eventually ended up enlisting itself as a staple in the Red Alert series instead.

After C&C came out we wasted no time kicking out Covert Ops. I wrote some more ambient style themes they asked me for, and then I began tinkering with this heavy metal song that I was trying to gear towards Nod for the next big C&C game. Brett Sperry came in my office and said "You got anything I can hear for the new C&C?" I played it for him. He said "What's the name of this one?" I said "Hell March." He said "That's the signature song for our next game."[5]
- Frank Klepacki(src)

When playing the single-player campaign, a limited number of tracks are initially available, and more are unlocked as the player progresses through missions. When playing in a multiplayer or "skirmish" game, however, all tracks are available from the start. More tracks were included in the Red Alert expansion packs: Counterstrike, The Aftermath and Retaliation. The music tracks can be listened to on Frank Klepacki's website.

An official soundtrack was released with unique album art designed by Westwood Studios and, like the previous release, featured the official Command & Conquer series logo with the Red Alert series motif below. The album contained fifteen tracks, plus a hidden bonus track. Half a minute after the end of track 15 plays Surf No Mercy. Its melodramatic opening was used in the secret It Came From Red Alert! campaign in Counterstrike, and the track itself is a tribute to Misirlou, using the rhythm of an earlier Command & Conquer music piece, No Mercy.

Two tracks on the disc, "Radio 2" and "Face the Enemy 2", had the numbers at the end removed from the track listing, which could potentially cause confusion, since the original "Radio" track is from the first Command & Conquer game, and "Face The Enemy 1" is a different track in Red Alert.

Track list

Names that differ from the in-game name were provided by Frank Klepacki's website and/or the Red Alert Remaster. Unless specified, the track lengths are based on the in-game playlist. Tracks that normally do not appear in the playlist were enabled through rules.ini to see their length and in-game title.

Soundtrack CD

CD index Internal name Name CD Length Game Length Remarks
1 HELL226M Hell March 06:22 06:15
2 RADIO2 Radio 2 04:02 03:57 Listed on the soundtrack as "Radio".
3 CRUS226M Crush 03:47 03:42
4 ROLLOUT Roll Out 03:53 03:47
5 MUD1A Mud 04:46 04:40
6 TWIN Twin Cannon 03:54 03:49 Listed in-game as "Twin".
7 FAC2226M Face the Enemy 2 05:35 05:28 Listed on the soundtrack as "Face the Enemy".
8 RUN1226M Run for Your Life 05:10 05:12 Listed on the soundtrack as "Run".
9 TERMINAT Terminate 05:18 05:10
10 BIGF226M Big Foot 05:14 05:07
11 WORK226M Workmen 04:34 04:37
12 SCORE Militant Force 01:49 01:46 The game's score theme. Does not appear in the in-game playlist, but if enabled, shows simply as "Score Theme".
13 DENSE_R Dense 05:00 04:54
14 VECTOR1A Vector 04:17 04:12
15 SMSH226M Smash 04:35 04:32 The soundtrack disc version lasts 08:07, as it is combined with the hidden bonus track "Surf No Mercy" on the same track, with a 20-second pause between the two songs. The German version of the soundtrack has no bonus track, so the track is actually 4:35.
16 Surf No Mercy 03:12 Hidden bonus track; technically part of track 15 on the CD. Does not appear in-game, but its intro is used in the end video of the Giant Ants campaign.

Unlisted tracks

These tracks were not included in the Red Alert soundtrack disc.

Internal name Name Length Remarks
AWAIT Await 04:19 Not used in the base game due to being misnamed as "AWAIT_R.AUD", but appears properly in Counterstrike and The Aftermath. In the Red Alert remaster, the track's name was changed to "Awaiting".
CREDITS End Credits Theme 02:43 The game's end credits theme. Does not appear in the in-game playlist.
FAC1226M Face the Enemy 1 04:31
FOGGER1A Fogger 04:57
INTRO Intro Theme 03:25 The theme played on the game's main menu. Does not appear in the in-game playlist.
MAP Map Selection 01:03 The theme played on the game's mission selection map. Does not appear in the in-game playlist.
SNAKE Snake 04:37
TREN226M Trenches 05:12

Counterstrike tracks

Some of these were available as CD audio tracks on the Counterstrike game disc. Note that there is no CD audio track 1; the first track is the game data.

Due to some error, all Counterstrike tracks were listed in the in-game jukebox using their internal name. The real names were provided by Frank Klepacki's website.

CD index Internal name Name Length Remarks
2ND_HAND The Second Hand 04:28
ARAZOID Arazoid 04:17 Unused in-game due to the file being misnamed as "ARAZIOD.AUD".
6 BACKSTAB Backstab 04:38
4 CHAOS2 Chaos 04:10
3 SHUT_IT Shut It 04:21
TWINMIX1 Twin Cannon Remix 03:42
UNDER3 Underlying Thoughts 04:06
5 VR2 Voice Rhythm 2 04:15 There is an error in this track (both the CD and in-game versions) at 3:47. A corrected version appeared on Frank Klepacki's website, and later in the Remastered Collection.
2 Radio 2 Remix 03:35 Appears as CD audio track on the CD, but does not exist in-game. It appeared later in Sole Survivor and Red Alert: Retaliation.

Aftermath tracks

None of the tracks from The Aftermath appear as CD audio tracks on the Aftermath game disc, due to the disc (most likely accidentally) containing the same CD audio tracks as Counterstrike.

Internal name Name Length Remarks
BOG Bog 03:32
FLOAT_V2 Floating 04:34
GLOOM Gloom 03:56
GRNDWIRE Groundwire 03:48
RPT Running Through Pipes 04:35 Listed in-game as "Mech Man 2", probably due to it using the "I am a mechanical man" clip from the C&C1 track. Peculiarly, the filename has the order of the acronym wrong; it should be "RTP".
SEARCH The Search 04:36 Listed in-game as "Search"
TRACTION Traction 03:57
WASTELND Wasteland 04:02

Retaliation tracks

The Red Alert: Retaliation soundtrack consists of a mix of standard tracks from Red Alert and its expansions, and some new remixes that also appeared in Sole Survivor. The tracks did not have names in the Retaliation release, just numbers from 1 to 13. Somehow, a lot of the tracks in this release were given incorrect names by fans, and those names kept circulating in the fandom. The origin of these names is unknown, but since the game itself contains only numbers, they are irrelevant and not mentioned here.

Track Number Name Length PC appearance Remarks
Hell March Remix 03:29 Sole Survivor Acts as main menu and mission selection map theme.
Militant Force 01:48 Red Alert Acts as credits theme.
Radio 2 Remix 03:30 Sole Survivor Acts as score theme. Also appears as CD audio track on the Counterstrike CD.
01 The Second Hand 04:37 Counterstrike
02 Backstab 04:47 Counterstrike
03 Chaos 04:13 Counterstrike
04 Crush Remix 03:40 Sole Survivor
05 No Mercy Remix 03:30 Sole Survivor
06 Mud Remix 04:45 Sole Survivor
07 Running Through Pipes 04:36 The Aftermath
08 The Search 04:37 The Aftermath
09 Shut It 04:27 Counterstrike
10 Traction 03:58 The Aftermath
11 Voice Rhythm 2 04:20 Counterstrike This track has the same error at 3:47 as the PC version. A corrected version appeared on Frank Klepacki's website, and later in the Remastered Collection.
12 Wasteland 04:03 The Aftermath
13 Workmen Remix 03:25 Sole Survivor

Cut tracks

Most of these tracks are only known to exist thanks to the Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Remastered bonus gallery. All of them were included in the Remaster release, and on its soundtrack.

Name Length Cut from First public appearance
Concrete 03:58 The Aftermath Red Alert - Remastered
Hell March (Original Demo) 03:38 Red Alert A shortened version of this track was used in trailers of the game.
Journey 03:41 Counterstrike Jukebox on Frank Klepacki's website
The Plan 03:16 The Aftermath Red Alert - Remastered
The Truth Is A Lie 03:32 Red Alert Red Alert - Remastered

Disc releases

The original Red Alert tracks were released on a CD in 1996, bundled with the Collector's Pack in Europe and the Domination Pack in North America. It was also available for purchase through the store.

Second soundtrack disc (Germany only)

In the German equivalent of the Special Edition, the soundtrack was released as two discs. The first disc is identical to the normal game soundtrack, with the exception that the bonus track is missing from the end of the Smash track. The second soundtrack disc is a compilation of commercial songs by various artists. Cobalt 60 released a special single called Crush, which itself was a remix of the track Crush from the game, and distributed 1000 copies among local DJs.

Crush track by Cobalt 60

The tracks include:

  1. Cobalt 60 – Crush (Command & Conquer Mix)
  2. Revolter – Full Screen Horror
  3. 16 Volt – Two Wires Thin
  4. Laibach – God is God
  5. OOMPH! – I.N.R.I. vs. Jahwe
  6. Project Pitchfork – 2069 AD
  7. The Prodigy – Breathe
  8. Machines of Loving Grace – Richest Junkie Still Alive
  9. Ugly Mustard – Twist and Shake
  10. Strapping Young Lad – Spirituality
  11. Girls Under Glass – Burning Eyes
  12. Psykosonik – Ride
  13. Violent Vision – Pleasure of Sin (Remix)

Remastered Soundtrack

In the large physical box edition of the Remastered Collection, discs 3, 4 and 5 were labelled as being the Red Alert soundtrack. In the files on the tiberium crystal shaped usb flash drive included in both physical releases, they are called "Command & Conquer Red Alert (Original Soundtrack) [Remastered] Disc 1" to "Disc 3".

These discs contain all tracks made for the game, including the Retaliation remixes and the other cut tracks listed above.

The full overview of these discs can be found at Command & Conquer: Remastered Collection soundtrack#Command & Conquer: Red Alert


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