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Command & Conquer: Renegade 2 (also known under the subtitle Battlegrounds) was to be another first-person shooter game using an updated version of the "Westwood 3D" engine.


Renegade 2 had two build versions. The first version was drafted as a connection to Tiberian Dawn from Red Alert 2. It focused on a scavenger culture emerging from the ashes of the collapsed Soviet Union, which would eventually become the Brotherhood of Nod.

However, this was scrapped in favour of a Red Alert 2-based FPS that took place in the post-Yuri's Revenge world. The storyline was about a rogue Soviet commander from the Romanov dynasty attacking America to avenge the honour of Alexander Romanov. The game would begin with an assault on the Marin Headlands, with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. Kirov airships would be bombing the city, while a squid attacked an Allied carrier in the background.

The game was also to feature a Giant Ants bonus level.[1]


Most units designed were based on Red Alert 2 ideas. However, the Allied Light Tank and Soviet Hind Gunship, both cut units from Red Alert 2, were to make a return.


By the time of its cancellation, the Renegade 2 team was already finished with pre-production, with an X-slice presentation finished and the team awaiting final approval from EA executives. However, with the then recent release of the highly-acclaimed Battlefield 1942, it was cancelled in late 2003, due to the possibility of the game taking purchases from Battlefield 1942.[2]

Apart from a partially finished Marin Headlands map and several models released to the community, not much was done with the game. While no buildings were finished, a destructible prototype of a Soviet barracks was done, completely physics driven.[3]

Chuck Carter also created a prototype level featuring the Scavenger refinery, which was to showcase that Renegade's engine could handle much higher polycounts than it did in the original game and introduce the Scavengers.[4]



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