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The following is a transcript of a game manual. The manual(s) can be directly accessed here:
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The following article serves as a partial transcript of the Command & Conquer: Renegade manual. All material written in this article is of copyright ©2002 by Electronic Arts, Inc. The author of this article claims no right of the material written.

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Global Defense Initiative[]

Recipient: Captain Nick Parker, Division 618, Unit B8
Received: 12 March 2020
Prepared By: EVA, based on current GDI, CIA, NSA and INTERPOL intelligence

Conflict Background[]

The United Nations formed the Global Defense Initiative (GDI) in 1995 in response to the uprising of the Brotherhood of Nod and its efforts to gain power in unstable, third-world nations. GDI, arguably the most powerful military organisation in the world, was conceived as a united military presence for global peacekeeping. The organisation works to end violent religious, political and commercial conflicts between and within countries all over the world.

As the GDI has grown in strength and influence, so has the Brotherhood of Nod (Nod). Initially led by the enigmatic but reclusive Kane, Nod grew through funds provided by illegal Tiberium research. Throughout the end of the 20th century – and into the 21st – Nod has continued to fuel conflicts in volatile nations by providing them with funding and weapons, effectively growing their loyalty to Nod. Tiberium is critical to Nod's efforts. Very little is known about the mineral, including its origins, but current intelligence tells us that it is a chemical compound ████████████████████ with mutagenic properties. The substance is toxic to all organic life forms, including humans, but Nod continues with its study of Tiberium without following proper research protocols.

In addition, Tiberium is found to leech other minerals out of the Earth (such as precious metals) which Nod uses to build its war chest. The most valuable provider of Tiberium information is GDI's leading research scientist, Dr. Ignatio Mobius. Dr. Mobius, a chemist and geneticist, was the first person on the planet to identify the value of Tiberium, and has since spent his life studying the mineral.

CNCR Dead6 Emblem

EVA Data Link: ZX-747 GCON_2020-3-12:Parker, N: Access Level Delta-12
Encrypted Message follows

EVA Data Link Open: Encryption check verified, WOLAPI checksum:LBILU_991105-JS
Operative: Captain Nick "Havoc" Parker, Special Forces Operative: Commando
Status: Eyes Only

Captain Parker, GDI has been monitoring communications between Far East Nod factions and a new group called "The Black Hand". Our Cipher Division has only been able to decrypt small portions, but GDI command is worried. Transmission decode follows:

Operation: Silver Sabre successful. Gideon pleased. Noose tightening in Eastern Europe as planned.

That was all we received before transmissions were interrupted. The Black Hand seems to be a NEW Elite Special Forces unit within Nod, and has recently been associated with four civilian strikes and two military strikes. They are ruthless, fanatically loyal and headed by an unknown figure. Their tactics fall outside of normal Nod parameters. Civilian casualties in all conflicts to date are 72 percent higher than previously recorded. Nod usually avoids collateral damage in an effort to manipulate the press and to sway the masses – but not The Black Hand. The only operative of this group to be detained so far decided that death was a better alternative to interrogation. They are still sifting through the rubble in Bosnia looking for survivors. General Shepard has personally requested that we gather further information on The Black Hand's operations.

Okay Havoc, now I'm going tell you how it really is.

Once the Electronic Video Agent (EVA) updates current GDI and Nod resources,structures and weaponry, I'll need you to infiltrate the Communications Center of the Nod base in sector 16-A – the co-ordinates will be sent to you via satellite. Once inside, proceed to the communications mainframe and use EVA to download Nod's latest transmissions. It is suspected that they are rounding up civilians for some unknown reason and we must find out why. GDI is counting on this information to provide us with a clear picture of Nod operations.

I know you, Havoc. I know how you like to do things – quick and dirty with a high body count. Please do what you're told for once in your bloody life. This information is critical to GDI's efforts and it won't be any good to us if Nod knows you have it. I need your stealth not your strength this time, Havoc. There will be plenty of opportunities down the road to send some shrapnel into Nod soldiers. You'll be hearing from me along the way, and remember... EVA works both ways.

– Brigadier General Adam Locke


EVA has compiled a list of the latest weaponry. There is a wide range of unique weapons available for your use. Please familiarise yourself with them. Each weapon is assigned to a weapons group. You can cycle through the weapons in each group by repeatedly pressing the number key corresponding to the weapon slot. The weapon groups are defined as follows.

1 Silenced Pistol
Ren HUD Pistol
The "Falcon" is the standard issue silenced pistol.
2 Auto Rifle
Ren HUD AutoRifle
The "Raptor" is the standard infantry automatic assault rifle.
Ren HUD Chaingun
The "Condor" is a belt-fed machine gun with a high rate of fire. Burst fire offers better accuracy.
Ren HUD Shotgun
The "Vulture" shotgun is very effective for close range.
3 Sniper Rifle
Ren HUD SniperRifle
The "Pierce" sniper rifle with scope fires armour-piercing shells.
Ramjet Rifle*
Ren HUD RamjetRifle
The "Hawkeye" ramjet rifle with scope fires jet-propelled shells. Good anti-material weapon.
4 Chemical Sprayer
Ren HUD ChemSprayer
The "Venom" chemical sprayer releases gaseous clouds in addition to liquid sprays of volatile Tiberium. Good anti-personnel weapon.
Flame Thrower
Ren HUD Flamethrower
The "Dragonfly" is an anti-personnel flame-thrower.
5 Rocket Launcher
Ren HUD RocketLauncher
The “Locust” rocket launcher fires standard missiles.
6 Grenade Launcher
Ren HUD GrenadeLauncher
The "Kestral" grenade launcher fires explosive shell types.
7 Personal Ion Cannon
The "Merlin" Personal Ion Cannon is a highly destructive portable weapon.
Laser Rifle
Ren HUD LaserRifle
The "Firefly" is a laser powered portable obelisk module.
Mass Driver*
Ren HUD Railgun
The "Scorpion" Mass Driver is a good anti-vehicle weapon.
Laser Chaingun*
Ren HUD LaserChaingun
The "Tarantula" is a chain-driven portable micro-obelisk module that provides high impact in a small package.
Volt Auto Rifle
Ren HUD VoltAutoRifle
The "Black Widow" Volt Auto Rifle is a deadly energy weapon.
Repair Gun*
Ren HUD RepairGun
The "Gizmo" Repair Gun is used for quick repairs in the battlefield. It can repair vehicles and base defences quickly and effectively. It also disarms C4 and beacons.
8 Tiberian Auto Rifle
Ren HUD TibAutoRifle
The "Mantis" fires Tiberium cartridges – good at close range.
Tiberium Flechette Gun*
Ren HUD TibFlechetteGun
The "Talon" fires Tiberium shards in either single shot or burst mode.
9 Remote C4
Ren HUD RemoteC4
The “Hair-Trigger” Remote C4 is used primarily against structures.
Proximity C4*
Ren HUD ProxyC4
The "Feather" C4 Proximity Mine is good against a variety of mobile targets.
Timed C4*
Ren HUD TimedC4
The "Tick-Tock" timed C4 allows you to drop down precision explosives.
10 Ion Cannon Beacon
Ren HUD IonCannonBeacon
The "Godsend" Ion Cannon Beacon is used to call an Ion Cannon strike from orbit.
Nuclear Strike Beacon
Ren HUD NukeBeacon
The "Retribution" Nuclear Strike Beacon is used as a targeting device for nuclear missile strikes.

* Multiplayer only weapons.


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