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Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor, tag-lined Command & Conquer: Sole Survivor Online, is a multiplayer spin-off of the original Command & Conquer game. It featured a deathmatch-style game in which each player controls one single unit, with choice from all armed ground units from the original Command & Conquer, and travels around the game arena collecting crates to increase this unit's firepower, armour, speed, attack range and reloading speed. Sole Survivor was often compared to a third-person shooter played with a top-down perspective. It featured no singleplayer mode aside from a limited offline practice mode, and the multiplayer had no hints of a storyline. This was the first Command & Conquer game that did not have a DOS version.

The official servers went offline on January 1, 2002,[1] leaving the game only playable in its offline practice mode.

Sole Survivor was omitted from inclusion in compilation packs such as Worldwide Warfare, The First Decade or The Ultimate Collection.


The gameplay of Sole Survivor was often compared to the deathmatches of the first-person and top-down shooters games of the era. The basic free-for-all mode supported up to 50 players, where the last person standing or the person with the most points won the game. Other modes include football, capture the flag and team deathmatch.

Once a player spawns they start with a limited cloak to let them get started and avoid players who are more powerful than them. To increase the power of your unit you need to acquire creates. Crates increase your health, rate of fire, armour and range. These bonuses stack until a certain limit shown as shown by green bars at the top of the screen.[2]

In addition to increasing the stats of units, crates can have other positive and negative effects.

  • Global decloak (decloaks every player)
  • Global reshroud (resets the shroud for all players)
  • Cloak
  • Ion cannon (the player gets shot with an Ion cannon)
  • Teleport
  • Remove shroud
  • Reshroud


There are 23 available units. 18 of them are regular units available in Tiberian Dawn multiplayer gameplay, while the other five are nonhuman units.

TD Minigunner Icons TD Grenadier Icons TD Rocket Soldier Icons TD Flamethrower Icons TD Chemical Warrior Icons TD Commando Icons
TD Mammoth Tank Icons TD Medium Tank Icons TD Light Tank Icons TD Stealth Tank Icons TD Flame Tank Icons TD APC Icons
TD Rocket Launcher Icons TD Humvee Icons TD SSM Launcher Icons TD Buggy Icons TD Artillery Icons TD Recon Bike Icons
SS Visceroid SS Triceratops SS Tyrannosaurus SS Velociraptor SS Stegosaurus

2022 revival[]

In January of 2022, Sole Survivor multiplayer functionality was resurrected by CCHyper, OmniBlade, and tomsons26, along with a select group of testers. This was in parts inspired by the unearthing of some beta versions of the game.[3]

The main breakthroughs were the discovery of code in the beta related to the chatbot that formed the link between the Westwood Chat channel and the game, and the conclusion that the Practice Mode from the retail game, which did not exist in the beta, was a severely constrained but functional version of the game's server software. With these discoveries, the project focused on unlocking the ability of the game to act as a true server, with the ability to receive information from Westwood Chat to customise its game modes and add human players.

A fan server was established, making Sole Survivor playable outside the offline Practice Mode for the first time in more than twenty years. As of spring 2022, the game is being tested by a group of fans.


  • Sole Survivor is the only C&C game that allows the player to change the EVA voice. The choices are standard EVA, Commando, "Let's make a kill" and "1-900-KILL-YOU".
  • The Sole Survivor soundtrack was comprised mostly of remixes of existing C&C tracks like Hell March, No Mercy and Twin Cannon, some of which were featured in Counterstrike on the PC and Retaliation on the PlayStation. The tracks are available as CD audio on the game CD, making Sole Survivor the only source of CD quality versions of the Red Alert: Retaliation tracks.



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