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Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection is a compilation containing all 17 Command & Conquer titles up to its release with the exception of Sole Survivor, along with a 20-track music disc, a piece of exclusive commemorative art spanning all three Command & Conquer universes and an early access code to the then-upcoming Command & Conquer (2013). Pre-order on Origin was available as of 31 August 2012.

The games' executable files were somewhat updated to reduce the number of compatibility errors, such as black screens, on newer operating systems. However, gameplay-oriented and balance issues have not been dealt with.

The physical release only features a download code for Origin.

The music and art features are only available to US customers.


The pre-Tiberium Wars games within The Ultimate Collection were likely ported from the obsolete 1.01 patch of The First Decade compilation. The Ultimate Collection writes certain registry files incorrectly, causing connection issues with users of other versions of the individual games and inability to run mods or command line parameters. A patch was created by community member Bibber to fix the issue, which also requires all individual games from The Ultimate Collection to have the Origin In-Game option manually disabled.

In July 2017, an update for the Origin client changed the client's way of operation, so the fixed launchers were no longer compatible. Later that month, a fixed version of the launchers was released, but not guaranteed to work. The issue repeated itself by May 2018.

Soundtrack disc playlist

  1. Act On Instinct (Frank Klepacki, Command & Conquer) - 02:52
  2. Just Do It Up (Frank Klepacki, Command & Conquer) - 02:22
  3. Hell March (Frank Klepacki, Red Alert 1) - 06:23
  4. Big Foot (Frank Klepacki, Red Alert 1) - 05:16
  5. Valves (Frank Klepacki, Tiberian Sun) - 04:22
  6. Command & Conquer (Frank Klepacki, Renegade) - 02:59
  7. Grinder (Frank Klepacki, Red Alert 2) - 02:27
  8. Destroy (Frank Klepacki, Red Alert 2) - 04:38
  9. Generals Main Theme (Bill Brown, Generals) - 03:13
  10. Search and Destroy (Bill Brown, Generals) - 03:19
  11. Mother of All Weapons (Bill Brown, Generals) - 03:22
  12. The Final Hour (Bill Brown, Zero Hour) - 04:09
  13. Mourning Hour (Steve Jablonsky, Tiberium Wars) - 00:30
  14. Black Dawn (Steve Jablonsky, Tiberium Wars) - 01:53
  15. Kane's Wrath* (Mikael Sandgren, Kane's Wrath) - 03:13
  16. Act On Instinct Remix (Trevor Morris, Kane's Wrath) - 04:03
  17. Soviet March (James Hannigan, Red Alert 3) - 02:47
  18. Yuriko's Theme (James Hannigan, Uprising) - 03:56
  19. To Save Humanity (James Hannigan, Tiberian Twilight) - 02:28
  20. The End of All Things (James Hannigan, Tiberian Twilight) - 03:04

*"Kane's Wrath" is commonly referred to by fans as "Mechanical Mind". The soundtrack from The Ultimate Collection tags it as "Kane's Wrath", and the internal name within the game files refer to it as "KanesWrath", so this is considered the official track name.



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