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This is the complete list of all music tracks from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and its expansion Firestorm. They were composed by Frank Klepacki and Jarrid Mendelson.


The soundtrack of Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun was released in 1999, bundled with the game certain editions, such as in the Platinum Edition and the Firepower bundle pack, which also contained the original Tiberian Sun and its expansion pack, Firestorm.

Reception of the soundtrack was mixed as the music departed from the industrial music style of the original Command & Conquer in favor of a slow, moody ambient music reflecting the game's apocalyptic setting in a world being ecologically ravaged by Tiberium.[1] Klepacki had originally started writing the soundtrack in a similar style to the previous titles but, after a meeting with Westwood, it was decided that the soundtrack would be "very dark, moody and not upbeat at all."[1] To help him achieve the desired style Klepacki enlisted the help and "electronic style" of Jarrid Mendelson for the production of songs such as Dusk hour and Flurry before the two split to write the remainder of the songs in their respective studios.[1]

I didn't want to stray too far from the original C&C soundtrack, but it had to be more futuristic and ambient. From there I tried to capture the mood the designers wanted for each mission. I even brought in another composer for some of the in game scores, Jarrid Mendelson, who I knew would compliment my style for this genre of music. Also, you'll notice I put more development into GDI & NOD's signature themes for the movie sequences.[2]
- Frank Klepacki, Senior Composer

When the time came to score the music for the Firestorm expansion pack, Klepacki and the producer decided that the music should be more upbeat and a return to the original style of the music of Command & Conquer.[1]

Track list

Tiberian Sun: Soundtrack CD

  1. Timebomb (Frank Klepacki) - 02:27
  2. Pharotek (Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:41
  3. Lone Trooper (Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:42
  4. Scouting (Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:17
  5. Infrared (Frank Klepacki) - 04:31
  6. Flurry (Frank Klepacki and Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:15
  7. Mutants (Frank Klepacki and Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:15
  8. Gloom (Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:01
  9. Heroism (Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:03
  10. Approach (Frank Klepacki) - 04:43
  11. Dusk Hour (Frank Klepacki and Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:18
  12. The Defense (Jarrid Mendelson) - 04:05
  13. Mad Rap (Frank Klepacki) - 04:33
  14. Valves (Frank Klepacki) - 04:22
  15. What Lurks (Frank Klepacki) - 05:17
  16. Score (Frank Klepacki) - 01:49

Tiberian Sun: Other game tracks

These tracks weren't included in the Tiberian Sun soundtrack disc, but were available in the game. They all appear on Frank Klepacki's website jukebox without additional credit, meaning they were all made by Frank Klepacki.

  1. Nod Crush - 03:46
  2. Red Sky - 02:26
  3. Main Menu Theme - 02:48
  4. Map Theme - 01:21
  5. Ion Storm - 04:14 (In-game name. Referred to as Storm Coming on Frank Klepacki's website jukebox.)

Firestorm tracks

Given the fact the Firestorm expansion pack was released after the soundtrack CD was made, none of these tracks were included in it.

  1. FS Menu - 02:49
  2. FS Map - 00:46
  3. Slave To The System - 02:37
  4. Rain in the Night (Part 2) - 04:00
  5. Link Up - 03:18
  6. Killing Machine - 03:28
  7. Infiltration - 04:21
  8. Hacker - 04:04
  9. Elusive - 04:28
  10. Deploy Machines - 03:43
  11. Initiate - 04:06

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