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Command & Conquer: Worldwide Warfare is a compilation released in 1998, containing the first Command & Conquer and Red Alert games, along with their expansion packs.


Product description[]

An explosive good time
- Newsday

The greatest collection in the history of real-time strategy is here - Command & Conquer Worldwide Warfare! Take control of the arcane forces, experimental technologies and forbidden weapons of mass destruction on your conquest for world domination.

  • The ultimate in high-tech warfare with Ion Cannons.
  • GDI, Nod, Allies or Soviets - four sides to choose from in two of the greatest wars in history!
  • Over 115 solo play missions and over 230 multiplayer maps.
  • Fast, intense, and addictive gameplay with high replay value.
  • Play free on the definitive Internet battleground - Westwood Online*

*Requires existing Internet access

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