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Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight[2] is the title for the real-time strategy game by Electronic Arts Mobile and an adaptation of the Tiberian Twilight game for mobile phones.


  • The Crawler is a moveable fortress with all the functions of a command center. Available in Offense, Defense, and Support versions.
  • Active and passive abilities are researched on the battlefield with Tiberium credits and Tiberium crystals, provided by Tiberium nodes and crystal nodes respectively.
  • Active pause system allows for stopping time and issuing commands at the player's leisure.
  • Superweapons may be used by the player and are unlocked as he progresses through the missions.
  • Two six mission campaigns are available to the player.



The game is set in the interim period between 2052 (Kane's Wrath) and 2062 (when Kane offers an alliance to GDI). It focuses on the events that lead up to the Manchester meeting. The player follows either Kane and Brother Marcus or Colonel Louise James under the command of General Raven.


GDI Campaign

Under orders from Colonel Louise James, the player is dispatched to several battlezones to defend GDI installations and destroy Nod forces. Eventually, he is sent to Greenland to rescue Commander Rios from Nod forces, however, he arrives too late.

Subsequently, he is deployed to Alaska, where he rescues Wolf, an elite GDI operative, who reveals that Nod is working on a top secret weapon. Command orders the destruction of the weapon, which turns out to be a new Nod heavy vehicle - the Widow.




The "Offense" class has a strong focuses on frontline combat units and upgrading those units.


The "Defense" class focuses on defensive combat, it produces fewer units, but has powerful defensive structures — only the Defense class can place structures.

Structures cost power, of which a Defense player has a limited amount, 10 structures. Better structures cost more power.


The Support class focuses on providing support to players by using support powers(special abilities) and various units abilities.

Bases and Units

Traditional base building is replaced by the Crawler, a single, mobile unit that fulfills the bases role. Each Crawler is class specific.

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