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Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight soundtrack could be downloaded from official site as a pre-order bonus. It was released on iTunes on 16 March 2010. They were composed by Jason Graves, James Hannigan and Timothy Michael Wynn.

Track List[]

No. Title Artist Length
1 To Save Humanity James Hannigan 2:29
2 Welcome Back Commander James Hannigan 2:14
3 Bad To Worse James Hannigan 1:56
4 Transport Down Jason Graves 3:06
5 Entanglement Jason Graves 4:05
6 Insurrection Jason Graves 4:07
7 Paradise Fabricated Jason Graves 2:49
8 Whatever It Takes James Hannigan & Jason Graves 4:03
9 Love And Death Jason Graves & James Hannigan 2:11
10 Cold Hard Truth Jason Graves 3:11
11 The Beginning Of The End James Hannigan & Jason Graves 3:16
12 The Prophet's Ascension James Hannigan 11:27
13 Things Fall Apart Tim Wynn 3:00
14 The Harder They Fall Tim Wynn 3:11
15 We Rise Tim Wynn 4:15
16 The Pacific Hub Tim Wynn 3:07
17 False Prophet Tim Wynn 3:08
18 Heresy's Reward James Hannigan 3:20
19 To The Death Tim Wynn & James Hannigan 3:59
20 Bleed Out Tim Wynn 2:59
21 The End Of All Things James Hannigan 3:05

Unlisted tracks[]

Some of the music in-game did not make it onto the soundtrack, such as the music that plays in Reversal of Fortune during the command crawler hacking sequence.


In 2012, the end part of the first track "To Save Humanity" along with the GDI motif was reused for the Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah segment on the programme News @ 2 by Malaysian public TV broadcaster, Radio Televisyen Malaysia.

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