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The Command & Conquer Community Summit held in December 2012 was an event organized by Victory Games to promote Command & Conquer (2013) by allowing community members to play the fiscal beta version of the game against each other and the developers and share feedback.


  • Jon Van Caneghem, Victory Games GM
  • Eric Krause, global community manager
  • Samuel Bass, designer
  • Sonic (
  • Zee Hypnotist (
  • Tchutch (
  • Zéphyr (
  • Freezy (
  • Osbes (
  • TheGunRun (
  • AGMLauncher (
  • Methuselah (
  • Seraph (official forum moderator)
  • Cypher[CS] (official forum moderator)
  • Stephanovich (official forum moderator)
  • Dusterr (official forum moderator)


  • The attendants confirmed that a third faction would be in the game, however the NDA prohibited them from revealing it at the time.
  • They were also shown the Tiberium Bible, a document with background information on the cancelled Tiberium game. The Tiberium Bible appears to be full of inconsistencies and continuity errors.[1]


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