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Patch 1.08a for Command & Conquer was released in October 1995 as the game's first patch.


  • Windows 95 modem play - this patch improves modem play under Windows 95 for some people. It is still highly recommended that you turn error correct/data compression off on your modem with the correct initialization string. Check your modem manual for more information about this.
  • USR 14,400/28,800 UART speed - addresses US Robotics modem connect problems at 14,400 or 28,800 baud.
  • Diamond Viper pallette/color problem - addresses a special problem detected in DIAMOND VIPER video card support. If you experience new palette problems try adding the following line to the CONQUER.INI file under the [OPTIONS] section.
Save the CONQUER.INI file with the new changes.
  • Movies do not play when CD is swapped - addresses the fact that briefings and cutscenes do not appear if you choose the NOD disk when playing from disk 1, or any time that you swap disks.
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