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Patch 1.20 for Command & Conquer was released in 1996.

The downloadable patch archive includes all the patches that were released before it.

The patch was only available for French and German releases of the game, and in separate files. This appears to be the equivalent of patch 1.19 for these releases.


  • Some people discovered a way to cheat using versions 1.18P and 1.07 such that it is possible to place a structure at any position in the map, breaking the normal adjacent building rule. This has been fixed in version 1.20P but you should be aware that 1.20P still connects to 1.18P and 1.07, so a person cheating with the older versions (if connected to the version 1.20P) will cause a modem or IPX game to fail with a "Games are out of sync" message. You read it here first.
Command & Conquer official patches
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