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Not to be confused with the Command & Conquer: Rivals social feature of the same name.

Command & Conquer TV was a series of sub-shows created by Electronic Arts Los Angeles between 2007 and 2010 as promotional material for the Command & Conquer series. It served both as a continued advertisement for the series, as well as a promotional area for community projects and multiplayer events.


Battlecast Primetime[]

Main article: Battlecast Primetime
C&CTV BCPT S1 logo

Battlecast Primetime logo during the first season

The flagship show of Command & Conquer TV, Battlecast Primetime was a 30- to 45-minute long show that focused on official news and announcements from EA Los Angeles, interviews with developers, and showcases of prominent multiplayer matches. It was originally hosted by David S. Silverman and Raj Joshi, but was hosted by Joshi alone or with a guest after Silverman left to BioWare at the end of the first season. Battlecast Primetime had the longest run of the C&C TV shows and was the most popular.

Battlecast Minute[]

Battlecast Minute was a series of short videos used for single announcements, many of which were covered in Battlecast Primetime episodes, such as the announcement of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


C&CTV Aftermath logo

Aftermath logo

Aftermath was envisioned as a condensed version of Battlecast Primetime, and its episodes were released after those of the flagship show. However, only five episodes were recorded. As stated by David Silverman during the Red Alert 3 Community Summit 2008, Aftermath was watched by those who have already watched Battlecast Primetime and the format seemed redundant.

According to Silverman, the frequent changes of the female host turned into a running gag, as Amy, who appeared in the first episode, was unreachable afterwards, and after heated discussions on the official forums, the C&C TV team decided to change the female host for each episode.

Aftermath also featured removed scenes and bloopers from the shooting of C&C TV shows.

Command School[]

C&CTV Command School Logo

Command School logo from the individual episode phase

In Command School, producer Greg Kasavin explained multiplayer strategies for multiple skill levels, as well as individual unit analyses, and primarily focused on the Command & Conquer game that was the latest at the time of shooting, as seen in subfaction analyses for Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath being unfinished after the release of Red Alert 3. The Command School Honors section featured unique tactics sent by fans.

Fourteen episodes were released individually, after which the show was turned into a subsection within Battlecast Primetime, mostly as commentary on a match from the Main Event.


The format of Command & Conquer TV was imitated by fans with Community Battlecast Primetime between 2011 and 2015.

Victory Games attempted to revive the idea of a developer-hosted show with updates on the upcoming games with the livestream of C&C Live. It was recorded only once, as mere days after the first episode, Victory Games was closed.

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