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This page contains The Command and Conquer Wiki's command & Conquer Wiki:Article layout guideline. It describes how content should be arranged on an article page to be clear and exhaustive..
TW Confessor Cameo
  • Guidelines describe desired etiquette and common practice in the creation, editing and organization of articles on this wiki.
  • Any registered editor is free to edit this page to improve its readability as long as the essence of the article remains unchanged.
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On structure

One of the most important parts of wiki editing is how to structure an article. Structure dictates what information the reader reads and when he or she reads it. It can influence what people contribute, where they put it and how it is written. Good structure is likely to produce high quality articles.

Organize sections in an article in a hierarchical structure like you would an outline. Try using a shallow structure rather than a deep one. Having too many nested sections usually leads to a confusing or unreadable article.

Unit and building articles

Example: Rifleman squad

In general, articles should have the following sections, in the following order (bold elements are a must-have):

  • Games template: provides a quick visual overviews of games in which the unit is featured and/or mentioned
  • UnitBox template: Infobox containing key information; abilities and upgrades should feature their icons, standardized to 20 pixel (20px) width
  • Cameo: icon used to represent the unit/building in the interface, aligned to the left; icons larger than 100 pixels should be standardized to 100px width; smaller should be left as is
  • Introductory sentence: short sentence providing the name, type, affiliation and game in which the unit/building appears.
  • Background: section explaining the history, equipment, weapons and all other lore-related stuff is explained
  • Abilities: any user-controlled abilities, together with their icons (standardized to 60px width)
  • Upgrades: any applicable upgrades, together with their icons (standardized to 60px width)
  • Game unit/building: strictly gameplay-related section, describing the unit as it actually behaves in the game, noting advantages, weaknesses etc.
  • Notes: Miscellanous notes that don't fit anywhere else; to be used sparingly
  • Behind the scenes: section for noting cut content, changes that occured during development etc.
  • Gallery: all images related to the unit, such as renders, cut content snapshots, concept art etc. go here
  • References: the references heading, together with the <references/> tag should be placed at the end of the article if any <ref> tags are used
  • Navbox: any applicable navboxes go at the end of the article, but before categories
  • Categories: To be placed at the end of the article; see this guideline for details on categorizing articles
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