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The heart of a GDI Forward Base is the command post. The post allows a field commander to contact supporting regional assets, and centralise intelligence to facilitate rapid response. The post's high-powered radar and communications equipment maintain real-time feedback with the base's units in the field.
- Intelligence Database[1]

The Command Post is a GDI field structure in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.

Game structure[]

The Command Post unlocks the second tier of units and structures, and is the functional equivalent of the Nod Operations Center, and the Scrin Nerve Center.

Additionally, it provides a single but extremely useful support power, the Radar scan.

In Kane's Wrath, three weapon upgrades are made available from the structure. The scanner pack upgrade is researched at the structure rather than the Armory. The Advanced turbines upgrade for the power plant is also accessible after building a Command Post rather than with the tech center.

Upgrades provided[]

Support powers[]


  • The command post may have been intended to be a radar provider at one point before the function was integrated into the construction yard. It provides radar during the Stuttgart mission.



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