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The Command Post is a GDI field structure in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


The heart of a GDI Forward Base is the command post. The post allows a field commander to contact supporting regional assets, and centralise intelligence to facilitate rapid response. The post's high-powered radar and communications equipment maintain real-time feedback with the base's units in the field.
- Intel Database[1]

Game building

The Command Post unlocks the second tier of units and structures, and is the functional equivalent of the Nod Operations Center, and the Scrin Nerve Center. It isn't as necessary as those buildings as GDI's Tech-2 units tend to be quite niche and it is perfectly possible to rush to T3 and the Tech Center, but it does unlock a lot of flexibility through Airpower and air-transport, the the elite Grenadier squad for clearing entrenched infantry, and provision of advanced bullets (later during the Third Tiberium War).

Additionally, it provides a single but extremely useful support power, the Radar scan. Satellite intelligence is vital for hunting enemy harvesters, especially the cloaked Nod Harvester with stealth and reduces reliance on the Orca or Pitbull.

In Kane's Wrath, three upgrades are made available from the structure, easing their deployment and lessening Commanders' dependence on more advanced structures. For example, the scanner pack upgrade is researched at this structure rather than the armoury. The capability to deploy the Advanced turbines upgrade for the power plant or the Scanner Pods for the A-15 Orca are both also accessible after building a Command Post, rather than with the later-available tech center.

Upgrades provided

Icon Upgrade Description
CNCKW AP Ammo Cameo AP ammo This upgrade bestows a firepower boost to Watchtowers, Hammerheads, Riflemen, and APCs, doubling their damage. It costs $2000 and takes 1:00 to research (Ctrl+A).
CNCTW Sensor Pods Cameo Sensor pod Sensor Pods can be equipped onto Orcas to allow them to launch stealth-detecting pods. This upgrade costs $500 and takes 0:15 to research (Ctrl+F).
CNCTW Scanner Packs Cameo Scanner pack (Kane's Wrath only) Scanner Packs cost $500 and allow Zone Troopers to gain additional 20% more range, line of sight, and add stealth detection. This upgrade takes 0:15 to research (Ctrl+A).

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCTW Radar Scan Cameo Radar scan GDI commanders are able to scan the battlefield via radar sensors to remove shroud and potentially reveal enemy stealth units. This support power costs 300 credits and takes 2:00 to recharge.
CNCKW Sonic Repulsion Field Cameo Sonic repulsor fields Allows GDI commanders to fortify structures with a fence that defends against Commandos, Shadow Teams, and Engineers. This power costs 500 credits and has a cooldown of 0:15. The Sonic Repulsion Field power also doubles the armor of any structure affected.

Role in Campaign

At the Prologue of Nod's Campaign in Tiberium Wars: In order to disable GDI's A-SAT System in Goddard Space Center, a Saboteur must successfully capture the nearby Command Post.



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