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For the release of Uprising on consoles, see Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Commander's Challenge.
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The Commander's Challenge is a special feature introduced in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. In this mode, the player controls a FutureTech Commander, who must collect technologies from the three major powers by defeating enemy commanders all across the world.


In Commander's Challenge, the player is pitted against nine commanders from the three major factions in 50 challenges all around the world, each with its own unique rules and conditions.

The player has access to the basic arsenal of all three factions, and can select which faction to use before each challenge. Completing challenges will unlock advanced assets, which can then be used in all subsequent challenges. All challenges can be replayed at any point.

Only 13 of the 50 challenges are "main challenges", which need to be completed to unlock the ending. The other 37 "side challenges" are unlocked by completing main challenges, and completing them unlocks useful technology and even more side challenges, which can make subsequent challenges easier.

After completing a challenge, the "completion gauge" in the main page will fill up by 1% if the elapsed time is longer than the par time, and 2% if shorter. 100% completion can only be achieved by completing every challenge under their respective par time.

The Red Alert button, which was cut from the original Red Alert 3, is made available in Commander's Challenge, though its effects have been drastically changed. It is an emergency button that can only be activated when the Threat Meter is completely full. When pressed, it empties the Threat Meter, gives the player 50,000 credits, and promotes all of the player's units to Heroic veterancy. However, using the button turns the record time to 99:59, making it impossible to complete the challenge under par.


Kelly Weaver greets the Commander, explaining to him that FutureTech has already acquired the Mobile Construction Vehicles of all three world powers, and instructs him to take advantage of the post-war chaos to acquire the military assets of the Allies, the Soviets, and the Empire. Though she never explains what FutureTech intends to do with the technology.

After finishing all main challenges, Weaver congratulates the Commander on his progress and offers to discuss the terms of the Corporation's offer with him "in private this evening".


For each challenge completed, new technologies and additional challenges are unlocked. Unlocked technologies can be used in all subsequent challenges.

Main Challenges[]

Challenge Opponent Unlocks Par time Starting credits Fog of war Side challenges
Dead Meat Douglas Hill Attack dog 04:30 $10000 Active -
Blood Feud Kenji Tenzai
Shinzo Nagama
Archer Maiden 10:15 $10000 Not active Creeping Death
Defense of The Archipelago Nikolai Moskvin Tesla trooper 11:15 $10000 Active Crate and Red Barrel
Where Satellites Go To Die Vera Belova Mortar Cycle 06:00 $10000 Not active Cat Fight
Symphony of Steel Kenji Tenzai Steel Ronin 11:00 $20000 Active Dirty Tricks
Caught in the Crossfire
Gosh Darn Mongolians!
Athena's Wrath Lydia Winters Athena Cannon 12:00 $10000 Active Ready to Roll Out
Scavenger Vera Belova
Takara Sato
Natasha 13:30 $10000 Not active Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed
Offshore Killing Douglas Hill
Vera Belova
Kenji Tenzai
Akula submarine 09:00 $10000 Active Robots and Ninjas
Chrono You Didn't Lydia Winters Chronosphere 14:00 $10000 Not active S.H.R.I.N.K. Z.O.N.E.
Tesla's Castle Nikolai Moskvin Tesla coil 13:30 $10000 Active Superb Commander
Double-Barreled Oleg Vodnik Apocalypse tank 13:00 $10000 Not active Come and Get It
Red Crush
Out of the Blue Giles Price Century bomber 15:00 $15000 Active -
Fury of the Empire Takara Sato Giga Fortress 16:00 $10000 Active Future Warfare

Side Challenges[]

Challenge Opponent Unlocks Par time Starting credits Fog of war Unlocks challenges
Creeping Death Kenji Tenzai Striker-VX 09:00 $10000 Active High-Water Mark
All Guns Blazing
High-Water Mark Douglas Hill
Shinzo Nagama
Aircraft carrier 22:30 $10000 Not active -
All Guns Blazing Takara Sato Wave-Force Tower 10:00 $10000 Not active Show of Force
The Omega Program
Show of Force Shinzo Nagama
Kenji Tenzai
Wave-Force Artillery 23:00 $10000 Active -
The Omega Program Takara Sato Yuriko Omega 12:30 $10000 Active -
Crate and Red Barrel Douglas Hill Multigunner IFV 07:30 $10000 Active Are You Experienced
Two Sides To Everything
Are You Experienced Douglas Hill Assault destroyer 06:30 $10000 Active Number One Threat To America
Number One Threat To America Oleg Vodnik War bear 09:30 $10000 Active No Place To Hide
No Place To Hide Giles Price Spy 04:00 $10000 Active -
Two Sides To Everything Shinzo Nagama Sea-Wing 9:15 $10000 active Behind the Iron Curtain
Behind the Iron Curtain Oleg Vodnik Iron Curtain 19:00 $10000 Active King of the Monsters
Reap What You Sow
King of the Monsters Nikolai Moskvin
Lydia Winters
V4 rocket launcher 07:30 $10000 Active -
Reap What You Sow Vera Belova Reaper 08:45 $10000 Active -
Cat Fight Lydia Winters
Vera Belova
Takara Sato
Tanya 08:30 $10000 Not active -
Dirty Tricks Nikolai Moskvin Terror drone 08:15 $10000 Active Kill-A-Ton
Kill-A-Ton Nikolai Moskvin Desolator 14:00 $10000 Active -
Caught in the Crossfire Vera Belova
Giles Price
Twinblade 10:00 $20000 Not active Dangerous Skies
Dangerous Skies Vera Belova
Giles Price
Vindicator 21:00 $10000 Active Vicious Circle
Vicious Circle Giles Price Harbinger gunship 19:00 $20000 Active -
Gosh Darn Mongolians! Kenji Tenzai King Oni 09:45 $10000 Active -
Ready to Roll Out Douglas Hill Pacifier FAV 13:00 $10000 Active The Final Countdown
No Match for the Guardian
The Final Countdown Giles Price Proton Collider 15:30 $10000 Not active -
No Match for the Guardian Douglas Hill Spectrum tower 05:45 $10000 Active -
Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed Lydia Winters Mirage tank 03:00 $100000 Active Be Quick or Be Dead
Be Quick or Be Dead Douglas Hill
Takara Sato
Oleg Vodnik
Rocket Angel 15:00 $10000 Active -
Robots and Ninjas Kenji Tenzai
Nikolai Moskvin
Shinzo Nagama
Shinobi 11:00 $10000 Active Battle Royale
Battle Royale Shinzo Nagama
Takara Sato
Kenji Tenzai
Naginata cruiser 18:00 $10000 Active High Seas Duel
High Seas Duel Takara Sato Shogun Battleship 17:00 $10000 Active -
Shrink Zone Lydia Winters Cryocopter 07:00 $10000 Not active Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker Lydia Winters Cryo Legionnaire 8:15 $10000 Active -
Superb Commander Kenji Tenzai
Nikolai Moskvin
Dreadnought 20:00 $40000 Active Battle Room
Battle Room Vera Belova
Giles Price
Shinzo Nagama
Nanoswarm hive 13:31 $10000 Active -
Come and Get It Shinzo Nagama Psionic decimator 16:00 $10000 Active Arms Race
Arms Race Oleg Vodnik Vacuum imploder 17:00 $10000 Active -
Red Crush Oleg Vodnik Grinder 13:15 $10000 Active The Motherland
The Motherland Vera Belova
Nikolai Moskvin
Oleg Vodnik
Kirov Airship 18:00 $10000 Active -
Future Warfare Douglas Hill
Giles Price
Lydia Winters
Future Tank X-1 22:17 $10000 Active -



Completing all main challenges unlocks the "Commander's Challenge Conclusion" cutscene, and adds a star to the "Challenge" section of the main menu. It also unlocks this congratulatory message:

OUTSTANDING! You have completed the Commander's Challenge and earned a much-deserved promotion to CEO of FUTUREFECH CORP., together with all the wealth, privileges, private jets, newfangled gadgets, adoring fans, fabulous attire, fame, luxury automobiles, beachside property, tax breaks, backstage concert tickets, season box-seat sporting event tickets, attractive personal assistants, peace of mind, and occasional work-related responsibilities implied forthwith.


But before you rest on your laurels, do consider that still-wilder fortunes await, should you return to finish all of the side challenges--let alone, finish all the challenges under the posted par times. Not that this could reasonably be expected of anyone, not even our illustrious CEO.

Completing all side challenges unlocks the "Commander's Challenge Bonus Ending" cutscene, and adds a second star to the main menu. It also unlocks the following message:

UNBELIEVABLE! You successfully completed each and every battle in the Commander's Challenge, thereby earning the vaunted rank of CHAIRMAN for LIFE and the bragging rights implied forthwith. Mere words cannot express the honor, glory, and prestige implied in this rare accomplishment.


Although, at the risk of downplaying your accomplishment, you do know that you have not yet managed to finish every challenge under the posted par times, don't you...? Imagine the secrets that would be revealed to you should you be able to pull off that unlikeliest of feats.

Completing all challenges under par times and achieving 100% completion adds a third star to the menu, causes stars to fall in the menu's background, and unlocks the following message:

UNBELIEVABLE! You have shown incomparable wherewithal in finishing each and every battle in the Commander's Challenge under the posted par times, and hereby earn the illustrious rank of FIFTY-STAR COMMANDER and ATTACK-MOVER EXTRAORDINAIRE. Bear it with all due pride, as your heroic deeds will surely be forever remembered in the annals of all the world's history books! And just for kicks, we're going to put some extra stars on the main menu. Here they come!


  • The mission briefing for The Omega Program mentions that the Empire is researching cloning technology in order to augment its fighting population, and comments that "apparently the Empire never learned its lesson after the Shiro Incident", implying that Commander's Challenge takes place after the Yuriko campaign.




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