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For the Tiberium Universe Commando.

Typically, a Commando refers to a highly-trained elite specialised unit of infantry, specialising in fields such as reconnaissance, sabotage, counter-terrorism, and rapid response. Commando units usually worked solo or in small groups, are equipped with specialist equipments and armaments, and operated with principles of self-sufficiency, stealth, speed and close teamwork. Commandos are often tasked with striking behind enemy lines and tasked with risky missions to eliminate crucial enemy assets such as WMDs, vital installations and leadership, sometimes in order for the main strike force to carry out its objective safely. Commandos are also sometimes tasked with rescuing prisoners or defectors or gathering vital intelligence.

Commandos are armed with the best weapons in a faction's arsenal and received rigorous training. A particularly skilled commando can take out entire infantry regiments single-handedly. Such individuals are rare, however, and usually a commander may only acquire the service of a single commando unit in battle, if he or she is authorised to deploy commandos at all. Also, Commandoes cannot be mind-controlled or bribed.

Some notable commandos are listed below.

Second World War (Red Alert)[]

Third World War (Red Alert 2) and Psychic Dominator Disaster (Yuri's Revenge)[]

Third World War (Red Alert 3) and The Uprising (Uprising)[]