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|name = Commando
|name = Commando
|slides = CNC4 Commando.png{{!}} Basic
|slides =
CNC4 Commando BlueTib.png {{!}} With Blue Tiberium Core
CNC4 Commando.png| Basic
CNC4 Commando BlueTib.png | With Blue Tiberium Core
|faction = [[GDI]] [[Offense]]<ref name="C&C4 Q&A #4">[ Developer Q&A #4]</ref>
|faction = [[GDI]] [[Offense]]<ref name="C&C4 Q&A #4">[ Developer Q&A #4]</ref>
|role = Elite Infantry
|role = Elite Infantry

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For its Nod counterpart, see Cyborg Commando (Tiberian Twilight). For other Commandos, see Commando.

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CNC4 Commando GDI Cameo

As of the Ascension Conflict, GDI still utilises their highly capable Commandos.


GDI appears to have overhauled their commando program from the Third Tiberium War and expanded commando training. From what little intel there is available, we know that GDI commandos have had their marksmanship training taken to the point where they are capable of dual-wielding weapons[1] with astounding accuracy, such that they almost never miss their target.[2] It appears that commandos have been thoroughly trained in the use of GDI ground vehicles, and as such, they are able to take control of just about any GDI ground vehicle and pilot it with expert precision[1].

Colonel Louise James has her own personal commando suit, outfitted with a large-caliber sniper rifle and a rapid fire rocket launcher.


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The Commando's "Commandeer Vehicle" passive ability allows it to board any vehicle currently owned by the player, which immediately promotes the vehicle to Heroic status if it wasn't already at that rank. The Commando cannot leave the vehicle while it is active, and can only be retrieved if the vehicle is destroyed either by scuttling or by enemy fire.

An achievement can be earned if the player destroys a heavy unit or structure with the commandos C4.


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