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The component tower is a GDI modular base defense structure in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. The component tower itself is just a plug into which a defensive weapon can be installed.

In-game structure

The three options for upgrading a component tower are:

  • Vulcan cannon: dual 50mm mini-guns primarily used against infantry and less effectively against vehicles
  • RPG launcher: fires explosive projectiles effective against most vehicles and infantry, the explosive charge deal splash damage to any other units caught around its target
  • SAM battery: fires anti-aircraft missiles at hostile aircraft

Component towers themselves can be deployed as part of a wall. Any upgrade placed upon a damaged component tower also fully repairs the tower (possibly due to coding limitations). In addition, selling a component tower that is connected to a wall damages all wall sections adjacent to the sold structure.

Component towers were decommissioned following the Firestorm Crisis in favour of combat-ready structures like in the First Tiberium War.


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