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Composite armor was an upgrade granted to American commanders in Generals. It costs $2000 at the Strategy Center.


Composite armor boosts the armor of all tank units on the battlefield. It increases the survivability of Crusaders (+40%) and Paladins (+20%). The modern-day composite armor consists of multiple layers of metal alloys, layered in between other substances, usually ceramics.

Composite armor, developed towards the end of the first conflict with the GLA, was designed to lessen the damage done by the innumeral amount of RPG troopers and Stinger sites. When purchased from the strategy center, Crusader tank armor was increased by about 40% and Paladin tank tank armor was increased by 20%. This allows Crusader tanks to last considerably longer in battle and Paladin tanks to be almost invincible.

In Zero Hour, despite the tooltip change, the effect still remains the same, at least for patch 1.04 (i.e. still + 40% for crusaders and + 20% for paladins).


Behind the scenes

  • Composite armor is in use today by the US, in an advanced variant known as Chobham armor.

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