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The Conductor is a Tier 2 vehicle of the GDI Support Class in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.


The Conductor is a support vehicle with an onboard science team. It can repair surrounding units, as well as disabling enemies with its EMP grenade launcher. Though it has no way to harm enemies by default, it can be equipped with an electrolysis projector, which can electrify an area and damage all enemies within it.

In-Game Unit[]

The Conductor is an unarmed (by default) support unit, exclusive to the GDI Support Class, that is unlocked at Level 9 and available at Tier 2.

The Conductor is armed with an EMP Grenade Launcher. The EMP Grenades deal no damage to enemy units, but will disable enemy units that are hit, in addition to those near the targeted unit. EMP'd units cannot attack or move.

Conductors have Medium-type armour that is resistant towards bullets, but highly vulnerable towards cannon fire. They should be protected by other units at all times.

As a hover vehicle, Conductors have good speed, and their cliffjumping abilities give them excellent mobility.

Conductors have a repair radius around them, automatically repairing all friendly units within the radius. They also have the Root Enemy ability that disables the enemy's locomotors temporarily, preventing them from moving. When upgraded with the Electrolysis Projector, Conductors gain the Static Field ability. When used, this creates an electric field in the target area, dealing Blast damage towards all enemy units caught inside.

There is no Nod equivalent to the Conductor, their analogue being the Hijacker.

An achievement can be earned if the player uses its Static Field ability on 10 units.



  • I await further instruction.


  • Conductor in the field.
  • Everything is in order.
  • Science team on standby.
  • Comm line's open.
  • What is our assignment?
  • Pulse weapon on standby.
  • All options are open.


  • We understand.
  • Then we will go.
  • This makes sense.
  • Agreed!
  • Seems acceptable.
  • A logical choice.
  • Well thought!
  • I concur.
  • Predictable!
  • Entered in.
  • Plan is underway!


  • Firing pulse weapon.
  • Realigning for target.
  • Discharge!
  • Trajectory calculated.
  • Neutralize them!
  • Shut their systems down!

Move to Attack[]

  • Pulses charged.
  • Ready EMP!
  • Targeted for EMP!
  • Moving to attack!
  • Locked onto their position!
  • To targeting range.

In Combat[]

  • Offensive action in process.
  • Executing attack order.
  • Projecting battle resolution.
  • Their defenses won't hold!
  • Weapons activated!

Taking Fire[]

  • Indicating damages!
  • Systems are being overloaded!
  • Further damages may be imminent!
  • A new course of action, sir?
  • These attacks were to be expected.
  • We should consider defensive action!


  • A responsible strategy.
  • Understood, backing off.
  • I concur with your decision.



  • Strangely, when a Conductor enters a Sheppard tank's dodge boost radius, its coil will release electric sparks even if it does not have the Electrolysis Projector upgrade. And when a Conductor that does have the upgrade enters the boost radius, it will no longer emit sparks unless it enters the radius again. This is most likely a glitch.


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