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For other uses, see Confessor.

Confessors are an elite Nod infantry unit appearing in Tiberium Wars and Kane's Wrath.


Confessors serve as Nod's officers and religious figures. Aiding the Black Hand in interrogation of captured prisoners of war and the collection of intelligence, they could be considered the equivalent to GDI's InOps operatives. Members of this caste can be assigned to lead militia squads, guiding the rage of the militants as well as preserving their faith (if need be by force) and educating them in the Ways of Nod. They, in turn, are commanded by a Grand Confessor.

They usually wear black body armor along with a red cloak bearing the Brotherhood's insignia and a tall helmet with four visual receptors. They are armed with an advanced assault rifle and an array of hallucinogenic grenades, which can cause any enemy infantry unit, including even Zone Troopers and their heavy powered armor, to panic and start shooting their own comrades.

As the Marked of Kane's soldiers are coded for absolute loyalty to the Brotherhood's cause and Kane himself, they had no need for Confessors to reinforce their faith. However, their Militant Rocket Squads could still receive guidance from Confessors if their commander obtained a baseline Nod Secret Shrine.

In the Incursion War and the resulting Fourth Tiberium War, Confessors were replaced (at least in combat roles) by High Confessors, who were armed with cannons similar to the (super)charged particle beam-powered ones wielded by the Confessors of the previous war. However, their high status and combat ability remained uncontested, and even an entire conflict later they were as deadly as ever.

Notable confessors[]

Notably, Brother Marcion, a high ranking Confessor and an accomplished writer, played an important role in internal Nod politics after the Second Tiberium War. He was bestowed with the title of Grand Confessor. After taking control of the Black Hand, he redefined the roles of Confessors in combat, creating the legions of Confessor Cabals. These combat units served as the basic frontline infantry of the Black Hand throughout the Third Tiberium War and beyond.

Game Unit[]

In Tiberium Wars, a Confessor is added to Militant and Militant Rocket squads when they are upgraded with the Confessors upgrade from a Nod Secret Shrine. In addition to adding an infantryman to each squad (making them harder to kill, especially by snipers), they boost each squad's firepower and give Militant Rocket Squads an (albeit somewhat limited) method of dealing with enemy infantry in desperate situations. They also make the prospect of engaging them with infantry daunting, as the hallucinogenic grenades they are trained to expertly lob at enemies can turn enemy forces against each other. However, vehicle crews and garrisoned infantry were safe from the effect of these devices.

In Kane's Wrath, they are additionally deployed as the basic infantry of Nod's Black Hand subfaction in teams of six. In this capacity their guidance roles are replaced by Black Disciples, who serve the same role to them as they do to normal Militants. Though their equipment remains the same, they must be manually ordered to use their hallucinogenic weapons, which requires slightly more micromanagement on their Black Hand commander's part.

The Marked of Kane subfaction is affected by the Confessors upgrade that the mainline Nod faction possesses, but cannot research it themselves (its influence is reduced to only one type of infantry; the cybernetic Awakened replace Nod's normal militia). As such, they must obtain a Secret Shrine built by the mainline Nod to attach a Confessor to their still-human Militant Rocket Squads.


CNCTW Hallucinogenic Grenades Cameo
Hallucinogenic Grenades (passive) Confessors hurl Hallucinogenic Grenades, causing enemy infantry to fire on each other for 6 seconds with a splash radius of 75. Hallucinogenic Grenades have a range of 250. Hallucinogenic Grenades are thrown against enemy infantry every 10 seconds. Confessors automatically throw the grenades at enemy infantry after a pre-attack delay of 1 second.
Subliminal messaging The confessor and the Nod Militia attached to it receive +15% fire rate and +10% armor. Does not stack with itself.


CNCTW Tiberium Infusion Cameo
Tiberium infusion Tiberium Infusion allows Confessors to walk amidst the crystals without suffering from any negative effects and also provides a 10% health bonus and a 25% speed increase. (Ctrl+S). This upgrade costs $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.



In Kane's Wrath, Confessors share voicelines with the Confessor Cabal. In Tiberium Wars, the Black Hand's voicelines are used instead.



  • In Tiberium Wars, a militant or rocket militant squad which is reduced to only their Confessor leader will change its voiceover to that of a Black Hand squad.
  • If a Militant Rocket Squad is reduced to only the confessor, the confessor will not automatically attack any targets, as the confessor's range is shorter than the rocket squad and the game does not recognize the missing rocket men.
  • Confessors and Black Hand troopers uniquely both have two variations of their cameo and model: one bearing the Nod scorpion tail insignia on their chest, and one with the Black Hand's crest.
  • Only basic Nod Confessors are affected by the Tiberium Infusion upgrade.

Idle Animations[]

  • The confessor checks his gun.
  • Any other animation appears to be him looking around.

See also[]

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