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For other uses, see Confessor.

The Hand becomes the fist!
- Confessor Cabal

Under Marcion, the Black Hand redefined the roles of confessors, replacing regular militia with entire squads of confessors, called confessor cabals.


While the Nod Confessor has been an increasingly common sight on the battlefield since the Second Tiberium War, it was not until the establishment of Brother Marcion’s post-Slavik Black Hand that these armored priests were considered effective combatants in their own right. Seeking to bolster his own standing as a 'pure' religious figure, untainted by the purported heresy of his predecessor, Marcion took the radical step of replacing his standard Nod Militant advance guard with regiments of combat ready Confessors, armed, as always, with machine guns and psychotropic hallucinogenic grenades.[1]


CNCTW Hallucinogenic Grenades Cameo.png
Hallucinogenic Grenades Confessor cabals can hurl hallucinogenic grenades at enemy infantry, causing them to fire on each other for 6 seconds. This activated ability has a range of 250 with a splash radius of 75 and takes 30 seconds to recharge (Ctrl+A).
Subliminal Messaging The Confessor cabal and friendly infantry squads within a 150 range of the Confessor cabal receive +50% fire rate, +25% armor and are +50% harder to suppress. Does not affect garrisoned infantry. Does not stack with itself.


KW Black Disciples Cameo.png
Black Disciple Adds a Black Hand trooper to the squad. This gives the confessor cabal a short range anti-infantry defense and ability to clear garrissons (Ctrl+A) Purchasable at Black Hand secret shrine $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.
CNCKW Charged Particle Beams Cameo.png
Charged particle beams Enhances confessor cabals' firepower further by replacing their machine guns with rapid-firing energy weapons (Ctrl+S). Purchasable at Black Hand Tech Lab for $1000 and takes 0:30 to research.


Guidance for the masses.
- Confessor Cabal

Confessor cabals are better than all other factions starting infantry with the possible exception being the Awakened. They can be further upgraded with the Black Disciple, who also benefits from the purifying flame upgrade. In addition, the particle beam rifles the Confessors can be upgraded with can make short work of enemy infantry. To top it off, they are reasonably cheap. With all upgrades bought, they are perhaps the best and most versatile basic infantry unit; they are excellent against enemy infantry, can be good against structures with the Black Disciple upgrade, and can do more respectable levels of damage to vehicles than most equivalent units. Additionally, infantry of the player that controls them gain defense and firepower bonuses from standing near them, although this bonus does not stack (surrounding squads such as a rocket militants with multiple Confessor Cabals will not grant a better bonus than just having one stand near them). Particle beams make them so lethal that they can beat zone troopers (which cost three times as much as they do) squad-for-squad.

However, they are ineffective against tanks, aircraft and are extremely vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons. But, when teaming up with rocket squads in large enough masses, they can even take down more than one epic unit at once.

The Confessor Cabals' hallucinogenic grenades are thrown using an active ability with a long pre-attack delay, as opposed to the automatic passive one that the regular Nod confessors use. This makes the Cabals' grenades less effective in general, although their combined firepower more than compensates. The grenade has a very small area of effect and causes enemy infantry it is used against to go berserk and attack allies that are within range. If no allies are within range they will simply target their enemies within range as per normal, although their commander will have no control over their actions until the effect wears off. Hallucinogenic grenades' effect is independent for every infantryman affected: if it is thrown at a squad—though the squad may count as one unit, individual troops within the squad will shoot each other until the effect wears off.

In practice, they are the most cost-effective basic infantry unit if received from a sold shredder turret. While the turret itself costs $600, the owner receives $300 upon selling it, after which he receives a full confessor cabal at full health for a total of $300 (as opposed to $400). The unofficial 1.02+ patch fixes this in release 12 and newer.



When created

  • Confessor of Nod!
  • Confessor of Kane!
  • Our cabal emerges!
  • We bear the word!
  • In Kane's service!
  • The light is ours!
  • For Kane!

When selected

  • Rally to the Brotherhood!
  • Faith in numbers!
  • We are the chosen!
  • We lead!
  • The advantage is ours.
  • Guidance for the masses.
  • Kane's word is all.
  • We serve the prophet.

When moving

  • Advance to glory!
  • As you command.
  • For the Black Hand!
  • We shall lead!
  • The word is ours.
  • In the glory of Kane!
  • To the light!
  • All shall see!

When ordered to attack

  • We bring glory!
  • The hand becomes the fist!
  • Onward!
  • For Kane!

When garrisoning a structure

  • A house of Kane!
  • We will control it!
  • On this rock!

When attacking

  • Purge them!
  • Malice and pain!
  • They will confess!
  • The end is near!
  • Show them the light!
  • We are true!
  • Hear the word!

In combat

  • We must purify!
  • They will falter!
  • Rally to us!
  • Strength in faith!

When retreating

  • We must survive!
  • The word should still live!
  • It is Kane's will!


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