Confessor upgrade
Kane's Wrath Militant squad with a Confessor
Kane's Wrath Militant squad with a Confessor

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Secret Shrine

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Upgrades all Militants with a Confessor Leader. Increases the squad's combat effectiveness. Throws hallucinogenic grenades

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Nod commanders can use the Confessor upgrade to increase the effectiveness of the Militant Squads and the Militant Rocket Squads by adding a Confessor to every squad. Confessers also carry Hallucinogenic Grenades which can cause the target to be hostile to its own units thus causing friendly fire.

Even though the Confessor upgrade is not available for Marked of Kane, researching the upgrade from a captured Nod Secret Shrine grants Marked of Kane Militant rocket squads access to the Confessor.

Confessors obtained via upgrade cannot get the Charged particle beams upgrade from a captured Black Hand Secret Shrine.


Confessors do not garrison properly at times - if a squad with one enters a building, they may be stuck outside.

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