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For every conscript who dies in this crusade, there are a thousand more who stand eager to replace him.
- Zofia(src)

The conscript is the basic Soviet infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

Official description

The counterpart to the Allied GI is the Soviet Conscript. Not able to deploy into a fortified position, Conscripts are cheaper to build than the Allied GI.
- Red Alert 2 manual(src)

Game unit

Conscripts are incredibly vulnerable in the open. While large hordes of them can overwhelm the occasional tank, it is ill-advised to train them as they are very easily and cheaply countered, making armies of conscripts very cost-ineffective. They are most useful when they garrison a structure, which removes their vulnerability and increases their firepower considerably to a point that they can stand a chance against groups of tanks and most ground targets. If maps are lacking in usable structures, then battle bunkers may be constructed (in Yuri's Revenge only) which are potentially more effective than any buildable base defenses. However, artillery units can attack them with impunity when garrisoned, especially prism tanks. They can outrange, outrun and fry conscripts by the dozen.

They also have uses on the attack. A group of accompanying conscripts will cheaply stop chrono legionnaire attacks. They can also garrison any key buildings they find along the way to form a fall-back position. Against Tesla coils and psychic towers or other psychic units, they serve as a very useful, expendable meat shield for tanks Especially since most advanced base defenses except the grand cannon can only attack one target at a time, they are good for drawing fire and taking heat while tanks deal their damage against them. Send them ahead as a bullet magnet: it is better for a few conscripts to fry or become mind-controlled, than for your tank crews to suffer such a fate. If playing as Yuri, conscripts serve as a cheaper additional power source for bio reactors.

Conscripts are especially effective for overpowering stray prism towers as they only target one Conscript at a time. Moreover a single uncharged prism beam is not enough to kill individual conscripts in one shot. However, prism tanks can vaporize multiple conscripts at once.

In addition to the barracks, Commanders upon capturing a Tech Airport can call on some free Conscript reinforcements from time to time via the Paradrop Support Power. 9 Conscripts can be dropped in with every use of the power.

AI behavior

Conscripts controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 4x guarding Soviet Ore Refineries, accompanied by 4 Flak Troopers


  • 8x occupying Battle Bunkers then targeting base defenses if Battle Bunker is occupied


  • 10x occupying Battle Bunkers then targeting production structures if Battle Bunker is occupied
  • 10x targeting production structures, accompanied by 2 Engineers


  • 20x occupying Battle Bunkers then targeting production structures if Battle Bunker is occupied
  • 10x targeting production structures, accompanied by 2 Flak Troopers and 3 Tesla Troopers


When selected

  • Awaiting orders.
  • Comrade?
  • Conscript reporting.

When moving

  • Moving out.
  • Order received.
  • For the Union!
  • Da!

When ordered to attack

  • For home country!
  • Attacking.
  • You are sure?
  • For Mother Russia!

When suppressed

  • Mommy!
  • (crying)
  • We are being attacked!


  • Conscripts are played by Andrei Skorobogatov and Marlo Lewis in the cutscenes.
  • The concept art of the conscript originally had the heavy shock trooper label. They are equipped with a breathing apparatus, a pair of iron plated shoulder pads, a revolver, a bandolier loaded with munitions, and (occasionally) an Uzi sub-machine gun.
  • In-game, they use the PPSh-41, which is roughly 30 years old by the time of the Third World War.



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Alpha cameos:
CNCRA2 Conscript Alpha Cameo.png CNCRA2 Conscript Alpha Veteran Cameo.png

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