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The Construction Yard is a base building found in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


The Construction Yard was responsible for the maintenance of bases and found in both GDI and Nod installations. They are large structures, characterised by their large construction hangars and cranes. Often, Construction Yards are occupied by engineering crews and housed large quantities of construction materials.


The Construction Yard had a different purpose in Renegade compared to all other C&C titles, since this game does not involve the construction of bases in gameplay. Instead, the Construction Yard allowed for the automatic repair of all other buildings in the base, meaning Engineers were not required to be dispatched to repair them themselves.

The rate of repair increased with proximity to the Construction Yard, meaning neighbouring structures were very difficult to destroy externally. The best way to destroy one is a C4 on the Master Control Terminal, as can be found with other buildings.


The Construction Yard appears in only two missions:

  • The destroyed GDI base in Rescue and Retribution contained a Construction Yard, though it is debatable whether this truly counts as an official building or simply a piece of scenery that looks like one, as destroyed buildings can still be entered by the player and that is not the case here.
  • In Tomorrow's Technology Today, the Nod base contained a Construction Yard. The player was advised to destroy it to facilitate destruction of the rest of the base.
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