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ModDB favicon This article is about a mod. The subject matter of this article is therefore deemed both unofficial and non-canon.

Contra is a freeware modification for Zero Hour. It was a major project that started in 2004. The mod adds many new units as well as numerous new upgrades and generals powers. It also features new music and sounds, maps, bug fixes, enhanced graphics, and other visual effects, as well as three new generals.


New features[]

  • Introduced Ranking system, in which that certain buildings and units can only be built when a certain general's rank is achieved.
  • 3 New Generals - USA Cybernetic, China Flame and GLA Assault.
  • A.I. is greatly enhanced.
  • Introduction of "Super Units". The limit is 1 per player (like hero units). Super units require 5th rank.
  • Neutral Tech Structures reappear after a while after they are destroyed.
  • Deep variety of gameplay tactics and strategies.
  • Wide choice of units, buildings, special powers and upgrades.
  • New graphics and sounds.
  • All 12 generals were made as diverse as possible. The gameplay for each general is unique. 
  • Simplified micro management (since Contra 008).
  • Each faction speaks its own language (since Contra 008).
  • Increased stability in multiplayer games (since Contra 008).

New generals[]

  • General Huang Lin Bao, China, specializes in Napalm weaponry.
  • General Algrin "A.I." Ironhand, USA, specializes in Robotics.
  • General Mahmud al Huchum, GLA, specializes in Armoured assaults.


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