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The Control Node commands the entire alien force. Intel has determined its destruction will stop the alien invaders.
- EVA, detailing the Node(src)

The Control Node was a massive structure constructed by the Scrin on Earth at Ground Zero that was the key element of their invasion. Its destruction by GDI ended the Third Tiberium War.

The Control Node was constructed on Ground Zero, the place where Tiberium was first discovered on Earth. The Node was completed during the initial stage of the invasion. Its Tiberium-based radiation is essential to the operation of the entire Scrin force.[1]

The Control Node proved to be the Scrin's metaphorical Achilles' heel when GDI forces attacked and destroyed the node, eradicating the entire invading alien force in one fell swoop. In doing so, GDI faced fierce alien resistance (including two alien Motherships), as well as Nod forces. With the Control Node's destruction, all Scrin aircraft, vehicles, and buildings came crashing down while their infantry units dissolved.


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