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Gen Gameicon.png ZH Gameicon.png
Convoy truck
Affiliation Gen GLA Logo.png Global Liberation Army
Gen China Logo.png China
Protection Low
Hit points 100
Armor type Truck Armor
Speed 40 (20 when badly damaged)
Sight range 150-350

- Convoy Trucks' last response before the explosions went off

The Convoy Truck is a rare vehicle found in Generals and Zero Hour. It has a very dangerous nuclear bomb in the back, which, on destruction, makes radiation and an explosion like the one caused by a nuclear missile, making it an obvious GLA target.

Appearances of the convoy truck

The Convoy Truck makes a small appearance in the Generals Challenge when fighting Tao. It is seen at two locations: one at the edge of the town, next to an oil refinery and the other next to a garrisoned tower entrance in Tao's right base.

- Terrorist, when Beijing is about to blow up by a Convoy truck.

In Generals, the Convoy Truck did two major roles in the first part of the GLA War. A Convoy truck ran past the Chinese and GLA forces fighting in Beijing at the beginning after running over a civilian. The Terrorist, responsible for this calls out death against victory as the truck explodes, destroying half of Beijing and killing all forces there. This shocked the world, including the NATO and UN delegators.

We found a refinery complex. Send men to capture it.
- Convoy truck driver, after contacting the GLA Commander that they found four Oil Derricks.

In Splinter Cell, three Convoy trucks swam past patrols and an Oil Derrick complex after missing a turn as going into a rogue GLA base. They laughed with pride and blew up the entire GLA traitors to their deaths. Using a Rebel Ambush, the GLA Commander ordered them to destroy the base immediately before any more trouble like a Scud Storm could be built and launched against him.

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