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Cooling Tower is a campaign-only tech building in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising. It appears only in the mission As Time Stood Still.


The FutureTech Arsenals on Sigma Island are capable of mass-producing the powerful Future Tank X-1, however, they generate tremendous amounts of heat. Therefore, these Cooling Towers are necessary for them to operate at maximum capacity.

When a Soviet Combat engineer captures one of these towers, the FutureTech Arsenals' production efficiency will be reduced, all Future Tanks on the battlefield will be disabled for a period of time, and the Sigma Harmonizer will activate at reduced intervals.

Once one or more of them have been captured, FutureTech will attempt to recapture the towers by sending their own engineers.


  • Even though the Cooling Towers can be targeted, they cannot be destroyed.
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