Core Defender

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Core Defender



Internal name DDEFD (inactive, rules)
DEFD (inactive, art)
DEFENDER (active)
Affiliation CABAL TS.png CABAL
Role Defense walker
Armament Arm-mounted lasers
Hit points
  • 9999 (inactive)
  • 10000 (active)
Armor type
  • Concrete (inactive)
  • Heavy (active)
  • Combat
    Ground attack 350 (x2) (Super2)
    Cooldown 20
    Speed 5
    Attack range 10.5
    Sight range 9
    • Heals in Tiberium
    • Heals to 50% health
    • Immune to EMP
    • Immune to Tiberium veins
    Activating defense protocol: Defender, now.
    - CABAL, deploying the Core Defender upon the deactivation of its Firestorm walls

    The Core Defender was a massive walker developed by CABAL to protect its own core. It was seen during the final battles of the Firestorm Conflict.


    The Core Defender was an extremely advanced walker, equipped with incredibly durable armor and armed with a pair of powerful laser cannons. It was used by CABAL as the last line of defense for its core. At first, it took the form of a large structure, its true nature was only revealed after the Firestorm defense around CABAL's core was deactivated and CABAL ordered its activation.

    Despite its powerful nature, however, it ultimately failed to prevent the destruction of CABAL.

    Game Unit

    The Core Defender can be considered the final boss of both Firestorm campaigns. It is a very dangerous unit with many special abilities, including Tiberium healing, self-repair, EMP immunity, and immunity to Tiberium Veins. In its inactive state, it is completely invulnerable.

    It is almost impossible to destroy the Core Defender with ground units. Its laser cannons can destroy nearly all ground units in a single shot and have a very high rate of fire. It is also extremely durable, having more than twelve times the health of a Mammoth Mk. II. Fortunately, it has no anti-air capability, so the best way to destroy it conventionally is to bomb it with a large number of Orca bombers or Banshees.

    However, there are many ways of destroying the Core Defender easily without resorting to direct confrontation. The simplest way is to lure it onto a bridge and destroy the bridge beneath it. It is also possible to lure it onto Firestorm wall sections and activate Firestorm defense, or to lure it next to a laser fence post and place another laser fence post while the Defender is in between them. Though doing so would require the use of a stealth generator to prevent the Defender from simply destroying the wall section or fence post. Finally, it can be lured onto an island, after which destroying the bridge would trap it there and make it an easy target for aircraft and artillery.



    The Core Defender activating
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