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ModDB favicon This article is about a mod. The subject matter of this article is therefore deemed both unofficial and non-canon.

Red Alert 3: Corona (红色警戒3:日冕) is a mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 developed by the Chinese modding community. It features a fourth faction called the Celestial Empire, which is based on ancient China. As well, the mods adds new units and rebalances gameplay for the existing three factions.


After the Empire of the Rising Sun's defeat and the death of Emperor Yoshiro at the end of Red Alert 3, Crown Prince Tatsu and a group of loyal Imperial scientists used stolen Soviet blueprints to create their own time machine.

The Imperials went back in time to the middle ages and saved Möngke Khan from a fatal cannonball that would have killed him. Tatsu presented himself as a god and supplied the Mongols with their advanced technology. Under Tatsu's orders, the Mongols went on a rampage across the entirety of Medieval Europe, leaving a path of destruction that Tatsu hoped would prevent the rise of the Allies and the Soviet Union in the future.

Having outlived his usefulness, Tatsu erased Möngke Khan from the timeline and destroyed their technology, leaving the now leaderless and overextended Mongol Empire to tear itself apart. Returning to the present, Tatsu was horrified to see that not only do the Allies and Soviets still exist, but in an ironic repeat with what happened with Cherdenko, a new fourth world power called the Celestial Empire now rules over Japan.



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