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Ahh! It sprays liquid Tiberium! Get the hell back![1]
- Anonymous GDI soldier

The Corrupter was a Scrin biological support walker encountered during the Third Tiberium War.


Few Scrin forces have shaken humanity's resolve quite like the Corrupter. These large, living vehicles are filled with a vile Tiberium-based concoction that can be sprayed across great distances, causing terrible harm to buildings and infantry divisions. Ironically, these same toxins have a restorative effect on the Scrin's own forces. Unconfirmed reports also claim some humans were transformed by the liquid into pulsating, violent, mindless creatures that lashed out at everything in sight.[2]


CNCTW Uncombine with Buzzers Cameo.png
Uncombine with Buzzers Orders the Buzzer swarm attached to the vehicle to detach and roam freely (Ctrl+A).

Game unit

The Corrupter is primarily useful for its spray-healing ability, which is cost-effective due to the vehicle's relatively low price. As a weapon, the short-ranged spray is lethal against infantry and effective against structures but fares poorly against heavily armored units. Corrupters and Buzzers are the only Scrin units capable of clearing garrisons. Corrupters do splash damage.


In Tiberium Wars, the Corrupter may occasionally create visceroids when it kills enemy infantry. These visceroids will attack their "parent" corrupter for a short time (causing no real harm), then come under its owner's control.

Despite the information in the unit's tooltip, the corrupter does not cause visceroid spawning in Kane's Wrath. This is due to the lack of proper implementation of the DamageAndSpawnNugget function in Kane's Wrath.


  • Tiberium Wars patch 1.05:
    • acceleration and deceleration times reduced, making the Corrupter more manoeuvrable
    • decoy Corrupters no longer spawn visceroids
    • added garrison-clearing effects
  • Kane's Wrath (released version 1.00): lost the ability to spawn visceroids from killed infantry
  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.01:
    • range increased by 50%
    • speed increased by 17%
  • Kane's Wrath patch 1.02: healing reduced by 50%


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