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Light infantry


Lunar Laser



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Gravity? What's that?
- Cosmonaut
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The cosmonaut was a special trooper trained to fight in the hard vacuum of space during the second iteration of the Third World War. It is a campaign-exclusive unit, available only in the Soviet mission To the Moon to both the Soviet Union and Yuri's Army.


RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Yuri's Revenge and contradicts canon sources.
To the Moon was executed with heavy consideration of the extreme conditions encountered there. The combination of low gravity (hindering the use of projectile weapons) and the nature of space (inertia effectively banning almost all of air potency) gave the commander a reduced arsenal. Although most vehicles could be modified for operation, infantry could not (except for Iraqi Desolators).

Cosmonauts were equipped with all the necessary life support equipment to survive outside Earth's atmosphere and a jet pack not unlike those used by Allied Rocketeers, which allowed them to travel very quickly, but also with a mechanism that allowed them to hold position and resist inertia. They were armed with a high-powered laser, making them very effective against other cosmonauts and light vehicles, as well as (in groups of five or more) armoured tanks, space craft and structures.

The colour of the beam is determined by the faction the cosmonaut belongs to (i.e. red for Soviets, purple for Yuri). They are vulnerable to any anti-aircraft weaponry. In large numbers, though, they are more than capable of turning any attack force or base to dust in a matter of seconds. A cosmonaut costs 600 credits to train, same as the Allied Rocketeer.

Game unit

Soviet Cosmonauts are available for training at the Soviet barracks (and are the only type of infantry the commander can train apart from Desolators). Yuri's own corps of Cosmonauts was tasked to defend his lunar HQ and were available from his army's barracks.

They are not available in any other campaign mission, but they can still be incorporated into any map via INI editing.

Selected Quotes

Gravity suit secured
- When selected
Cosmonaut reporting
- When selected
Gravity? What's that?
- When selected
Pressure gauges normal
- When selected
Russian space ace!
- When selected
Rocket packs fully charged
- When moving
Boosters engaged
- When moving
Shifting thrusters
- When moving
Fuel mix optimized
- When moving
Light and fast
- When moving
Tracking target
- When ordered to attack
Beam intensity locked
- When ordered to attack
Lasers at full power
- When ordered to attack
Time for laser show!
- When ordered to attack
It's hard to maneuver
- When ordered to attack
Vacuum suit is failing
- Under fire
Fuel cells damaged
- Under fire
Can't... breathe!
- When being shot down
We need more funding!
- When being shot down



  • Cosmonauts' original name was Lunar Rocketeer, as seen in their unused veteran cameo.
    • And the Chinese text (登月火箭員) is a direct tranlation of Lunar Rocketeer.
  • When Cosmonauts are killed, they fall down instantly instead of falling slowly, despite the Moon's low gravity. This is possibly because they re-use the Rocketeer’s animations.
  • Like Rocketeers, they have grounded animations. When they are placed on a map, they start out standing on their feet, but when they move (such as when they exit the barracks), they become airborne. These animations are also able to be used by spies.
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