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A Soviet convoy of Sarin nerve gas has stopped at a riverside outpost for refuelling. This is a perfect opportunity to destroy the Sarin shipment, and remove the Soviet threat in the area.

Use your forces to destroy the convoy trucks and the base. It is imperative that none of the convoy trucks escape.

The Soviets keep their convoy information in their radar center. If a spy was to infiltrate the facility, it may help us locate the convoy escape routes.
- Mission briefing

Sarin Gas 1: Crackdown is the first Allied mission in the Counterstrike expansion.


During the earlier stages of the conflict, the Soviets invaded Greece and established Sarin nerve Gas facilities in the country, to use it against the Allies. Allied Forces tracked down one of the most important Sarin gas convoys to a refueling station. An MCV was quickly sent to the position, escorted by some riflemen, spies and a mine layer.

The Allies knew the Convoy trucks would have attempted to escape from the area. The convoy escape routes were kept in the Soviet radar dome, and if a spy was to infiltrate it, it could reveal all the escape routes to the Allies making it easier to prevent the convoy trucks from escaping.

The battle

The MCV quickly deployed into a construction yard and began building structures. The soviet base was not far from the position and was already well guarded by V2 rocket launchers and Tesla Coils. Once a War Factory was constructed the Allies began exploring the area to locate possible escape routes for the convoy trucks. Once the radar dome was located, a spy was sent into it revealing the escape routes which were mined to make sure no convoy trucks escaped.

The Soviets however began attacking the Allied base and had to be pushed off. When the Commander constructed enough light tanks he sent them against Soviet Tesla coils which while strong, could not resist to concentrated firepower. More ore trucks were built to speed up the construction of tanks and more forces arrived to back up the light tanks and the group of convoy trucks was located near some refueling stations, which were destroyed along with the trucks.


With the largest part of the convoy neutralized the Allies finished off the Soviet presence in the area and tracked down the remaining convoy trucks to an underground facility that was suspected to be a hidden entrance to the main Sarin processing plant.

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