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UFO Ren1 Game1

UFO near Cairo.

A crashed UFO is present near the Cairo Temple of Nod during the First Tiberium War.


The UFO was located in the Nod complex around the Cairo Temple of Nod. At the time of the GDI assault on the complex spearheaded by Captain Nick Parker, the UFO contained a spherical object with an embedded pulsating blue cross. When Havoc infiltrated the ship, he found the Volt Auto Rifle inside (after slaughtering several Chemical Troopers and Tiberium mutants), indicating that it might have extraterrestrial origins.[1] The ship's purple color scheme seems to imply that it is linked to the Scrin.


The crashed UFO is featured in the mission Tomorrow's Technology Today. It can be accessed with the red security card, which is held by a Black Hand stealth soldier who spawns after the Nod construction yard is destroyed.


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