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Across the Command and Conquer universes, Credit is an umbrella term that refers to a unit of currency used to complete transactions, most often to purchase war materials. However, this may not necessarily be the currency's actual name.


In Command and Conquer games, resource refers to anything that can be processed into credits to fund an army. Methods to accomplish this varies across timelines, though this usually involves processing it at a refinery and storing it in a silo.

Tiberium universe[]

In the Tiberium universe, its namesake material is the most valuable resource with which commanders power their military operations. Tiberium comes in two strains: the more common green crystal, and the rarer but more valuable blue variant. In Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, commanders could also gain credits by capturing the automated Tiberium Spikes that completed this operation for them, albeit in lower quantities and therefore with lower return.

However, not all Tiberium games follow this model. Tiberium Alliances introduced a system involving power and command points, while Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight replaced the collection of resources with a point system.

Red Alert universe[]

In the Red Alert universe, many sites have valuable materials scattered about. In the main these manifest themselves in the form of the gold-colored ore. Much like the aforementioned blue Tiberium, there also exists a rarer but more valuable variant, simply dubbed "gems". From Red Alert 2 onward, oil derricks present on some battlefields could also generate additional credits for the commander who controlled them.

In Red Alert 2, each of the Third World War's belligerents developed a method of reducing credit shortages. The Allies accomplished this through their Ore Purifiers, which increased the credits extracted from a load of ore or gems. The Soviet Union opted to introduce Industrial Plants, which made their mechanical assets cheaper to produce. Yuri's army adopted a completely different approach from the two powers, and implemented cloning technology to cut down costs when fielding hordes of infantry.

Generals universe[]

In the Generals universe, the valuable resources found on battlefields are more consolidated, and are found only on Supply Docks. Each of these structures had an impressive but finite amount of materials stored on them, which was usually collected and processed in times of war to fund military efforts. Similar to the Red Alert universe, commanders can also establish a secondary source of income by capturing the oil derricks on the field.

In Generals 1, generals could also acquire credits through various additional means. The United States could construct Supply Drop Zones, which would call in a C-130 Hercules every two minutes to deliver a paradrop of valuable supplies. China was able to field skilled Hackers who could break into unsecure deposits of money, and the Chinese commando, codenamed Black Lotus, were capable of stealing credits from opponents' supply structures, as were certain Chinese protocols. The Global Liberation Army were the most crafty of the three, and often saw value where others did not. In addition to the stream of income generated by Black Markets, GLA generals could also scavenge enemy remains or wrecks for value, either manually sifting through the rubble of ruined vehicles or through certain GLA measures.

In the cancelled Generals 2, oil was to be used as a secondary resource that functioned in tandem with constructible oil derricks. However, in the August of 2013 this change was reverted, and the original oil mechanic was restored (albeit with a limit). This was to aid the efforts of the supply centers, as in the game's predecessor.

Victory Point (Tiberian Twilight)[]

In Tiberian Twilight, victory points are gained in multiplayer from either controlling TCN nodes or destroying enemy units.

  • Gaining control of a TCN node provides steady and continuous points income.
  • Destroying enemy units gives a few (usually 1 or 2) points, depending on their worth.
  • If an enemy crawler is eliminated, 50 points is awarded.

In skirmish, the first team that earns 2500 victory points before the timer runs out is the winner. If no team has 2500 points when time runs out, victory goes to the team with the most points.[1]

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