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In the context of C&C, a "Credit" is general term for a unit of currency used to purchase war material/s, it may not necessarily be the currency's actual name.


Resources are sources or supplies from which benefit is produced. In Command & Conquer games, it refers to anything that is collected for credits to fund an army. This often involves processing it at a refinery and storing it in a silo.

In the Tiberium universe, the most common resource is Tiberium, with its green and blue strains. The exceptions are Tiberium Alliances, which introduced power and command points, and Tiberian Twilight, which replaced resources with a point system.

In the Red Alert universe, the main resources are ore and gems. Additional funds can be obtained with oil as of Red Alert 2.

In the Generals universe, supplies are the main resource, with oil having the same role as in the Red Alert universe. Oil was used as a second resource in the cancelled Generals 2 until August 2013, when the original oil mechanic was restored.

Victory Point (Tiberian Twilight)

In Tiberian Twilight, victory points are gained in multiplayer from either controlling TCN nodes or destroying enemy units.

  • Gaining control of a TCN node provides steady and continuous points income.
  • Destroying enemy units gives a few (usually 1 or 2) points, depending on their worth.
  • If an enemy crawler is eliminated, 50 points is awarded.

In skirmish, the first team that earns 2500 victory points before the timer runs out is the winner. If no team has 2500 points when time runs out, victory goes to the team with the most points.[1]

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