Creeping Death
Unit Unlocked

Striker VX


1 vs 1


No Place To Hide


Cat Fight

Creeping Death is a Commander's Challenge mission that features the Futuretech Commander battling Imperial shogun of the Blood Feud challenge, Kenji Tenzai. The shogunate says that he will send in a lot of Striker VXs on land and Chopper VXs in the air to destroy his enemy. This mission is ranked nineteenth after No Place To Hide and before Cat Fight, but thought the Commander was at rest.


The FutureTech boss, Kelly Weaver has sent the Commander to the Republic of Philippines to take care of Kenji's Striker VX/Chopper VX so that the CPO can have the conversion's second plan added to her first one from Shinzo's Sea-Wing unit from his decimated base in Northern Japan. The Commander travels across the hill using his units and crushes Kenji head on at his own base of operations.

With him defeated and the Striker VX/Chopper VX taken, the Commander was asked by his own boss to take a rest after winning the battle. However he gets an emergency call by Kelly Weaver saying that the three women Commanders are having a fight of their own in the Coral Sea near the east coast of Australia.

Briefing Information


Best Faction: all should work but Empire of the Rising Sun give the best result.

Action: build 4 Dojo's or 4x. barracks near to the enemy base as close as posible (try to move your MCV if you play Soviet or Allied), you will start at 10000 credit so make sure that all of them are spent at training the anti tank solder but if you play EotRS, train one Burst drone as the drone will force the Chopper VX transform to Striker VX and the fact that you can't attack them in air mode, thus, it will force the defense VX transform to anti air mode which is critical to your victory, move them near those turrent. Remember that Kenji will try to flood you will Defender-VX rush, make sure that you not let them reach the cliff near you. If you have the confident in your force, flood the enemy's base. Best time: 3:26

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