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Good afternoon, Commander. You must be lost. This is not your precious Blue Zone, this is Nod territory. Tell you what, I'll have my troops send you home... in a bodybag.
- Kane(src)

The Republic of Croatia is a central European country on the Adriatic coast that, by the time of the Third Tiberium War, was part of the Nod-controlled Yellow Zone Y-1. It borders with Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and FR Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) through land and with Italy via sea borders.

Tiberium universe[]

It is unknown until which point Croatian history is canon in the Tiberium universe, but by the time the First Tiberium War started, Croatia was a Nod-aligned country.

During the Second Tiberium War, one of two possible locations for a Nod Banshee prototype facility was somewhere in southern Croatia, the other being in eastern Hungary.[1]

During the Third Tiberium War, GDI became aware that Nod was beginning to assemble a powerful Liquid Tiberium bomb in Sarajevo. GDI invaded the Yellow Zone Y-1, intending to destroy Temple Prime and defeat Nod before the weapon could be used. To this end, they moved through Croatia, retaking a forward base in the area that had been sabotaged and under constant attack.[2] Managing to get an MCV to the power deficient base, GDI wiped out Nod infantry, vehicle, and air bases in the area before marching on Albania, and then Temple Prime.

When Temple Prime was destroyed by GDI's Ion Cannon in 2047, the Liquid Tiberium stored there detonated, eradicating most of the Yellow Zone Y-1. Strangely, southern Croatia narrowly avoided destruction, presumably because of the distance from the Temple. The Scrin invasion force, in an attempt to uncover the cause behind the Liquid Tiberium explosion, later invaded southern Croatia and engaged both GDI and Nod forces there.[3]

Red Alert universe[]

Croatia appeared as a part of Yugoslavia in Red Alert, with both variants of the sixth Soviet mission, Bridge over the River, being held in the Croatian part of the country.[4] However, it is unclear where exactly they are held, presumably in Kvarner and Dalmatia, as neither the rivers Grotzny nor VizchGoi exist in real world.

Due to unexplained events, Croatia appears on maps as an independent country as it is today in Red Alert 2.


  • Authentic Croatian structures exist in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. One of them resembles the St. James' Cathedral from Šibenik. The second one is the Croatian National Theatre from Zagreb. Both of them are mistakenly adjacent in the Croatia mission of the GDI campaign. Like most civilian structures, they are garrisonable.
  • The third mission in the Scrin campaign is highlighted near Zagreb, but the site of conflict is located somewhere in the far south of the country, as seen in the cutscene preceding the mission. Also, the cutscene mistakenly highlights Bosnia and Herzegovina along with Croatia, resembling the fascist-controlled Independent State of Croatia (1941-1945) with the Istrian peninsula added.


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