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The Cruise Missile Silo was a superweapon building that was cut from the final release of Zero Hour.


Designed to be one of superweapon structures that could be built by Alexis Alexander, it would have launched a single long ranged cruise missile at anywhere on the battlefield, much in the same way as the Chinese Nuclear Missile Silo.

The superweapon itself partially finished and can be placed in-game through the World Builder, or through modding. However it has certain bugs, such as the missile launching sideways, and the building morphing back into a Nuclear Missile Silo on night maps, and the missile passing through the ground and not exploding.


  • An alternate version of the building exists in the World Builder, simply named as the "ICBM". It functioned in the same way as the current Nuclear Missile Silo; it simply had a slightly shorter recharge time. It also has the same bug as the Cruise Missile Silo with turning into a Nuclear Missile model on night maps.
  • Oddly enough, despite being an American building, it cannot repair itself when damaged, unlike all other American structures.
  • Also, when the Cruise Missile is added to the battlefield it uses a blue coloured version of the Nuclear silo target reticle.
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